Friday, October 18, 2013

Rare photo of nightmare Texas A&M costumed mascot will haunt your dreams forever.

Image via Good Bull Hunting. Thanks a lot, guys.

Ever wonder why Texas A&M no longer has a costumed mascot cavorting around the sidelines of Kyle Field. Well, here's why. Take a look at this abomination unto God and all His works that Good Bull Hunting dug up. I'm not sure where it dug it up, but I'm assuming it was from the darkest depths of Mordor. That or close to where Craig James allegedly buried those five hookers.

According to the best evidence, this cosplaying manifestation of The Aggies' Ol' Sarge cartoon character was the idea of former Texas A&M head football coach Jackie Sherrill. That should be enough to tell you there was this was going to be a bad idea. The costumed Ol' Sarge didn't go down very well with the Aggie faithful. According to legend, the costume was burned at an Aggie Bonfire sometime in the mid-to-late 1980's.

You have to wonder what Sherrill was thinking? Why make an Ol' Sarge costumed mascot when you've already got Miss Reveille, male cheerleaders Yell Leaders, and the whole fracking Corps of Cadets on the field or in the stands? 

Fortunately, this "Nightmare Aggie" monstrosity (as it shall be known around these parts forever) was left to the dustbin of history. We have Bucky Badger to haunt our nightmares. We don't need anything else. 

(via Good Bull Hunting)

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