Friday, October 18, 2013

Oregon students sell "We Want Bama" t-shirts on campus.

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A pair of enterprising University of Oregon student capitalists are trying to cash on the Ducks' success on the gridiron this season. Inspired by the chants of Duck fans following the team's defeat of SEC school Tennessee, the pair started to produce "We Want Bama" t-shirts.

Grant Otter and Harrison Tingler, both seniors at the University of Oregon, invested $850 in producing 200 of the $10 green and yellow t-shirts, and made their money back within a week. They now sell the shirts inside the school's Erb Memorial Union Amphitheater. 

“Outside of Oregon, everybody else in the country thinks that Alabama is the best team in the country and we obviously disagree,” Tingler said.

“I was wearing the shirt on campus walking down 13th. I don’t know who it was but a big football player walking sees my shirt and goes, ‘Damn straight,’” Otter said.

The only thing seemingly standing in this pair of young entrepreneurs is an upset on the level of last year's Oregon loss to Stanford to either the Ducks or 'Bama. Well, that and Ohio State.

Don't laugh at Otter and Tingler. This is how Oregon alum/benefactor and Nike founder Phil Knight got started (well, he got started with running shoes, but you get the drift). You never know where this shirt mike take them.

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