Monday, October 14, 2013

Louisville LB George Durant arrested and charged with multiple traffic violations.

From the "Things Charlie Strong won't be too happy about" department comes word that Louisville linebacker George Durant was arrested on Saturday for what seems to be as many traffic offenses as the entire Georgia football managed to commit in 2010.

Durant was initially stopped by the an officer of Louisville Police Department around 9:30 PM local time for going 26 miles over the speed limit. There's no word on exactly what the speed limit was, but going 26 miles over it is a bad idea no matter what it was.

Along with speeding charges, Durant was eventually charged with "reckless driving, failure of owner to maintain insurance and failure to carry an operator’s license."

A spokesman for the University of Louisville says that  Cardinals head football coach Charlie Strong is "“is aware of it and will have no further comment on the matter.”

(via The Louisville Courier- Journal. HT: CFT)

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