Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Ruins: Oklahoma St., Texas, and more.

Dancing in the Ruins - The new Big 12 rising out of the ruins of the old.

Just a reminder that TCU faces Texas Tech tonight. (7:30 PM EST, ESPN)

The elephant in the room.
Part three of Sports Illustrated's controversial report on Oklahoma State, "The Dirty Game," this time focusing on drugs.

Killing the Messenger.
Chris Mahr, a former publicity assistant at Sports Illustrated shares his critical views on the Sports Illustrates series on Oklahoma St., with much criticism of the series co-writer, Thayer Evans. (Lost Lettermen)

Killing the Messenger Killing the Messenger.
On a related front, ESPN was apparently not to pleased with the recently welcomed-back-to-the-WWL Jason Whitlock's bashing of "The Dirty Game" co-writer Thayer Evans on an Oklahoma City sports talk station. (Deadspin)

Meanwhile, back in reality...

Don't Panic!
Texas tries to remain optimistic that it will have a successful season even after the loss to BYU. (ESPN)

All the Rage.
Tim Griffin looks at the national attention being given to Baylor's offense. (The San Antonio Express-News)



The Future's So Bright, I Gotta, who the heck am I fooling?
Barking Carnival previews Ole Miss @ Texas, in a satirical manner fitting the situation Texas finds itself in after losing to BYU.

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