Friday, September 27, 2013

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze reaches out to Clemson OC Chad Morris.

How did Ole Miss head football coach Hugh Freeze prepare to face Alabama on Saturday? For one thing, Freeze looked at teams he thought were comparable to the Rebels, such as Oregon and TCU. He also took time to discuss things with Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris, which he does frequently.

“Chad and I compare stuff quite a bit and talk a good bit with what they’re doing at Clemson,” Freeze said. “But it’s a little bit different this year because they have some bigger tight ends. We’re not that fortunate right now, but Lavon (Hooks) may allow us to get back into some more of that type of stuff.”

Sadly, Clemson has not beaten Alabama since 1905, when William Faulkner was only eight years old, and the US only had 46 states. Minor details like that probably didn't calculate in Freeze's reaching out to Morris, as the Tigers are 4-0 this season, and Morris is quickly staking out a claim for himself as one of the best OC's in the FBS. 

(via  The Jackson Clarion-Ledger)

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