Thursday, September 26, 2013

Arizona State mocks USC "Fight On" hype video.

From the "it had to happen depeartment" comes news that somebody made a parody of that notorious USC "Trojans for Life" hype video.  Now who the devil would want to go and make a...oh, I get it.

Yes, Arizona State, who host the Trojans on Satudray,  is the guilty party in this parody, which garners bonus points for being about 2:50 minutes shorter than the original. It also features a furry taking out a glee club, which is always fun to watch.

Arizona St. is also planning a "Maroon Monsoon" for Saturday's game, which means The school is planning for a) Fans to wear maroon to the game, or b) One heck of a case of Iowa-class team Rhabdomyolysis. As Arizona State desires to win this game, I'll go with a).

(HT: @HouseOfSparky)

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