Friday, July 19, 2013

Steve Spurrier in the most Steve Spurrier photo ever.

Why is this photo of South Carolina head football coach in an unidentified fast food restaurant (best guess: Arby's) here? For one thing, the photographer was South Carolina defensive end Jadevon Clowney who took this photo of his coach and posted it on Instagram. For another thing, this might be the most Steve Spurrier photo ever, with the Old Ball Coach appearing with an undone tie, sunglasses, and giving the thumbs up.

The other reason why this photo is here? Because it reminds me of this classic Johnny Cash photo where the Man in Black flashes the camera an entirely different finger gesture.

You get the feeling that Spurrier and Cash are relaying the same message, for some reason.

(via Kegs 'N Eggs. HT: Deadspin)

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