Sunday, July 28, 2013

Johnny Manziel won Twitter (and the Internet) today. You can all go home now.

 Johnny Manziel's Life is Just Better Than Yours.

Johnny Manziel with his new friends in Austin. Via: Deadspin.

Johnny Manziel decided to finish his latest blowing up of the Internet this weekend by making his critics on Twitter his you-know-what Sunday afternoon. After a Saturday where he made a couple of University of Texas frat parties more famous than a Longhorn could, Manziel decided to go after a few well-known haters and a general troll or two look stupid.

First up. Yahoo! Sports Pat Forde, who foolishly decided to reply to a Manziel tweet.

The Sporting News' Matt Hayes also decided to test JFF's wrath.

Next, is Twitter's Joe Dunne, who is neither artist Joe Dunne nor the Irish manager of Colchester United. He is, however, an Oklahoma fan, which for our purposes is all that matters here.

And finally, a Mr. Colin Ratz, who goes by the rather uncomfortable twitter handle @RatzinmyPantz. Sadly for Mr. Ratz, his attempt to troll got totally troll-blocked by Manziel's friend, Mr. Heisman.


Yep, Johnny Football still has scoreboard. Just consider the internet won for the day, chill out and hand out with the fams or something.

(via Good Bull Hunting)

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