Monday, June 24, 2013

Nate Newton has some words of advice for Johnny Manziel.

Guess Who?

Former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Nate Newton was interviewed on a Dallas-area radio last week, and was asked about Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel. Newton said Manziel needed to try to be like "an everyday guy."

This kid right now is just flying off the handle. He’s still living in that world of – he got instant success, he’s not gotten over that. Right now, what his head coach needs to do or his position coach needs to do is pull him to the side and say, “Listen here man, right now, you’re the face of this program. When you say Texas A&M football, you are it. Start living up to it, start showing the responsibility of saying yeah, you can’t park your car anywhere. You can’t take computer classes. Go and be an everyday guy and have fun and enjoy the situation.”
Smart advice there from Newton. Though Manziel's biggest problem may be the inability to live like an everyday guy in a place like College Station that doesn't have that much experience with how to handle a superstar college athletes like Manziel as "everyday guys."

(via The Dallas Morning News)

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