Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Fallout: Aaron Murray, lots of recruiting and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Sunday edition.

Vanderbilt boots four players. 
Four unnamed members of the Vanderbilt football team have been dismissed from the team and have been suspended from school in connection with a Nashville police investigation of an alleged sex crime incident. (ESPN)

The Final Countdown.
Anthony Richards looks at Aaron Murray in his final season as quarterback for Georgia. (Southern Pigskin)

It's Now or Never?
The much-ballyhooed but still struggling Texas-centric Longhorn Network enters its third year of existence. Wescott Eberts tries to explain why the network still is unavailable to most Longhorn fans nationwide. (Burnt Orange Nation)

Read my lips: No new cupcakes! 
Kevin Scarbinsky says SEC commissioner  Mike Slive should require conference football programs to submit the scheduling of non-conference opponents for approval. (

Park Place.
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern offensive lineman Ian Park. (Sippin' on Purple)


Cardinal recruiting news.
California high school rising senior QB Keller Chryst commits to Stanford's 2014 recruiting class. Chryst is considered to be the top pocket-passer QB in the nation. (ESPN)

Crossing Jordan.
Alabama HSRS QBMatthew Jordan commits to Georgia Tech's 2014 recruiting class. (

Cody Wants a Pony.
Arkansas HSRS punter Cody McGehee commits to Purdue's 2014 recruiting class. (Hammer and Rails)

Battle Stations!
Florida HSRS defensive back John Battle commits to LSU's 2014 recruiting class. (And the Valley Shook)

App Pupil. 
Georgia has an app aimed at recruits and their families. Save this information for a future NCAA rules violation. (ESPN)


How to dress like an Aggie.
Good Bull Hunting looks at appropriate attire for male Texas A&M fans attending games at Kyle Field. Hint: Scooby-Doo costumes are probably out of the question.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Fallout: Johnny Manziel, Mack Brown, recruiting, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition. 

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Barrett Saller ponders whether or not ubiquitious Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel should attend SEC Media Days. (Bleacher Report)

Come On to the Future.
Andrew Gribble looks ahead to Sept. 14's Alabama-Texas A&M game at Kyle Field. (

Shot through the heart, and you're to blame?
Mack Brown's continued employment as  Texas head football coach may depend on how successful Longhorns' quarterback Daniel Ash is in 2013. (Bleacher Report)

Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.
UCLA's recent College World Series championship doesn't stop Bruin's Nation's continued hate for UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero.  

Buffalo Stance.
Bill Connelly previews Colorado's 2013 season. Well, somebody has to do it. (SB*Nation)

Northwestern player profile of the day.
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern walk-on lineman Hayden Baker. (Sippin' On Purple)


Bulldog injury report.
Georgia defensive back Paris Bostick will have to redshirt his freshmen year in Athens following toe surgery. (The Athens Banner-Herald)


Iowa recruiting.
Iowa high school rising senior defensive end/tight end Matt Nelson commits to Iowa's 2014 recruiting class. (Black Heart Gold Pants)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hugh Freeze posts fishing photo on Twitter after Ole Miss lands three-star quarterback.

Ole Miss head football coach Hugh Freeze has found a new way to skirt banal retentive NCAA regulations regarding commenting on verbal commitments from recruits via social media. No sooner had Alabama high school rising senior three-star quarterback Kendrick Doss announced his commitment to Ole Miss on Twitter, Freeze tweeted out this seemingly innocent image of himself and his daughter fishing. 


"Yahtzee" is an Ole Miss codeword for "another student athlete has announced his intentions to come to the University of Mississippi to pursue his education, as well as participate in our college football program." Since Kentucky also stole the idea does the same, it was jokingly suggested by Andy Staples that Freeze post fishing photos of himself to make it more unique.  Apparently, Freeze (or somebody on his staff) still reads

Freeze has seemingly won the contest of most creative way of skirting the NCAA, at least until some head coach can top him by posting a photo of himself bagging a eight-point whitetail.

(HT @BunkiePerkins)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel, recruiting, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us

I've seen the future, and it will be.
Good Bull Hunting bloggers try to see what Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel's 2013 season will be like.

In other Johnny Football news...
The ubiquitous QB has been nominated for two ESPY Awards in the Best Male College Athlete and Best Breakthrough Athlete. The 2012 Texas A&M defeat of Alabama was nominated for Best Upset. (Good Bull Hunting)

Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before.
Matt Hayes criticizes the scheduling of non-conference games by SEC teams. In other news, it's Thursday. (The Sporting News)


The flip side.
California JUCO offensive tackle Dominick Jackson flips his class of 2014 commitment from UCLA to Alabama. (Roll 'Bama Roll)

Tell me a Storey.
Arkansas rising junior quarterback Ty Storey commits to Arkansas' 2015 recruiting class. (Arkansas Expats)

Is this the real life? Is this just a fantasy? 
Hank Rippetoe tries to figure out if Kentucky's recruiting success is for real or just a bunch of smoke and mirrors on paper. (A Sea of Blue)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Ruins: Bob Stoops, Kliff Kingsbury, and Kansas.

Dancing in the Ruins - The new Big 12 emerging out of the ruins of the old. 

Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops on the hot seat? 
Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops on the hot seat? (The Crystal Ball Run)

A Sort of Homecoming. 
Kevin McGuire previews Texas Tech under first year HC (and former Red Raider quartrback) Kilff Kingsbury. (The Crystal Ball Run)

Where Are You Going?
Rock Chalk Talk ponders what Kansas' goals for 2013 are.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nebraska unleashes new alternate uniforms.

Be afraid, Husker fans. Be very afraid. Adidas has just unleashed a new hype video for the new alternate TECHFIT uniforms it's designed for Nebraska.

If you're looking for uni hype video cliches, this one is full of it. Alternate unis? Check. Slowly getting tired gloves that create a complete image only when brought together? Check. Awkward postures and Krumping moves? Check. Crappy dubstep? Check.

Nebraska better win wearing these, or it might not just be Bo Pelini that winds up out of a job this season.

(via Land Thieves)

Oregon unleashes lime-green and chrome helmets.

Uncle Phil's Misguided Children 

Uncle Phil's Misguided Children at Nike have done it again. The latest addition to the never-ending fashion nightmare laboratory that is Oregon football are lime green and chrome helmets. Yes, lime green. In reversible designs, no less.

This photo was tweeted out by recruit Brady Bergen, whom as far as can be told, wasn't repelled by the garish lime green color. Every generation apparently goes through the neon color phase of their lives. This must be the time for the Millennials to go through it. 

(via Awful Announcing)

Covering DIxie: Johnny Manziel, Kevin Sumlin, recruitig, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us. 

The year that almost wasn't.
Texas A&M head football coach Kevin Sumlin discusses the near-suspension of  Johnny Manziel that could have derailed the Aggie starting quarterback's amazing Heisman Trophy-winning season. (The Oklahoman)

I met a turtle friend today.
Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel reportedly has nicknamed one of his real-like entourage "Turtle." Well, it's still better than what George W. Bush called Karl Rove, the first word of which sounds like "Turtle." (Larry Brown Sports)   

Star Gators?
Robbie Andreu picks five Florida players who could become "stars" in 2013. (The Gainesville Sun)

The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.
Track 'Em Tigers looks at the tough task ahead for Auburn wider receiver coach Dameyune Craig in the 2013 season.

Where Did It All Go Wrong?
Hank Rippetoe looks at why Joker Phillips failed as HC at Kentucky. (A Sea of Blue)

I'm sorry, Mr. Jackson.
Mississippi State class of 2013 tight end A.J. Jackson has been declared academically ineligible to enroll at the school. (College Football Talk)

And P.S. if this is Austin, I still love you.
Arkansas Expats profiles Arkansas offensive tackle Austin Beck.


LSU recruiting news.
Oklahoma defensive end Deondre Clark commits to LSU's 2014 recruiting class. (The Oklahoman)


Too Much Time on My Hands.
Good Bull Hunting has cutout templates for Texas A&M cutout paper figures suck as Johnny Manziel and Kevin Sumlin. This includes Manziel dressed as an Aggie male cheerleader Yell Leader.
Dameyune Craig
Dameyune Craig
Dameyune Craig

Monday, June 24, 2013

Nate Newton has some words of advice for Johnny Manziel.

Guess Who?

Former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Nate Newton was interviewed on a Dallas-area radio last week, and was asked about Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel. Newton said Manziel needed to try to be like "an everyday guy."

This kid right now is just flying off the handle. He’s still living in that world of – he got instant success, he’s not gotten over that. Right now, what his head coach needs to do or his position coach needs to do is pull him to the side and say, “Listen here man, right now, you’re the face of this program. When you say Texas A&M football, you are it. Start living up to it, start showing the responsibility of saying yeah, you can’t park your car anywhere. You can’t take computer classes. Go and be an everyday guy and have fun and enjoy the situation.”
Smart advice there from Newton. Though Manziel's biggest problem may be the inability to live like an everyday guy in a place like College Station that doesn't have that much experience with how to handle a superstar college athletes like Manziel as "everyday guys."

(via The Dallas Morning News)

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel, Butch Jones, recruiting, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - It's the SEC's world. You just live in it. 

Hard to Handle?
Brian Schmitz claims that Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel "can't handle rush of fame."

(The Orlando Sentinel)

Let's get physical. 
First-year Tennessee head football coach Butch Jones discusses how his players are handling the Vols' summer conditioning program. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)

The natives are restless.
Dawg Sports has a few bones (pardon the pun) to pick with Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity and his failure to repair or replace on UGA's athletic facilities and venues.

Auburn swings like a pendulum do.
Team Speed Kills previews Auburn's 2013 season, which it claims is littered "swing" games.

It Came from the Big Ten.
Adam Rittenberg looks at the SEC head football coaches like LSU's Les Miles and Arkansas Bret Bielema who were either born in Big Ten country, played or coached in the B1G, or both.  And you thought I was joking about the Big Ten's influence over college football in "Big Tentacles." (ESPN)


Sir Dukes.
Georgia high school rising senior linebacker Tucker Dukes flips his 2014 commitment from Louisville to Georgia. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

All the Smalls Things. 
South Carolina HSRS cornerback Darin Smalls commits to South Carolina's 2014 recruiting class. (Garnet and Black Attack)

Green Thoughts.
Georgia HSRS CB Wesley Green commits to South Carolina's 2014 recruiting class. (Garnet and Black Attack)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Fallout: Johnny Manziel, Mark Richt, Boise State, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Sunday edition.

First, admit that you have a problem.
Randy Galloway says that ubiquitous Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel needs to "kick the Twitter habit." (The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram)

Brat Pack.
David Climer declares Manziel of being "the most spoiled brat in intercollegiate athletics." (USA Today viaThe Dallas Morning News)

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
Texas A&M is joining Notre Dame on the fragrance line bandwagon. (Dr. Saturday)

I Will Follow Him.
Georgia head football coach Mark Richt reportedly follows 75 recruits on twitter. It's not creepy, It's college football. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Alabama, the two-headed monster.
Alabama is both " immovable object and an unstoppable force." Because Kevin Scarbinsky said so. (

Backfield in Motion.
Robbie Andreu takes a look at Florida's backfield. (The Gainesville Sun)

It's in the Baggett.
Drew Roberts profiles Boise State offensive lineman Steven Baggett. (One Bronco Nation Under God)

Eli's Coming. 
Drew Roberts profiles Boise St. OL Eli McCullough. (OBNUG)


Kick Out the Jams.
Georgia HSRS punter Tyler Newsome commits to Notre Dame's 2014 recruiting class. (One Foot Down)

Taking a Sample.
Washington high school rising senior tight end Drew Sample commits to Boise State's 2014 recruiting class. (The Idaho Press-Tribune)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Fallout: Johnny Manziel, Bret Bielema, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition.

That was the week that was. It's over, let it go. 
Good Bull Hunting looks at the past week of Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel schadenfreude. 

Breaking Up is Hard to Do.
Jordan Conn profiles Bret Bielema, and looks at the events and reasons surrounding leaving Wisconsin to become the head football coach of Arkansas. It a nutshell, it involved Bielema's frustration of Wisconsin's inability to pay assistant coaches enough to keep them from departing Madison for other jobs. (Grantland)

Let's Call the Whole Thing Off.
Tomahawk Nation discusses whether the ACC should scrap its two divisions.

Carter Country.
Mark Weiszer profiles Georgia inside linebacker Reggie Carter. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Eye on the Tiger. 
Roll 'Bama Roll previews LSU's 2013 season, from a Crimson Tide point of view.

Adam's Song.
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern offensive lineman Adam DePietro. (Sippin' on Purple)

Thank you sir. May I have another?
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern right tackle Shane Mertz. (Sippin' on Purple)

The Devin's in the details.
Hammer and Rails profiles Purdue offensive tackle Devin Smith.

King and country.
Hammer and Rails profiles Purdue OL Jason King.

My name is Prince, and I am funky.
Hammer and Rails profiles Purdue OL J.J. Prince.

The Cowboy Way.
Bill Connelly profiles Oklahoma State's 2013 season. (SB*Nation)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Northwestern parodies "This is SportsCenter" commercials in new video.

ESPN has more than it's fair share of Northwestern alumni employed as on-air talent. There's Mike Greenberg, Kevin Blackistone,  J.A. Adande, and most notoriously, Michael Wilbon. What better reason for the Northwestern football program to parody the legendary "This is SportsCenter" advertising campaign?

Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald seems ready for an actual "This is SportsCenter" commercial. Willy Wildcat, not so much.

(via The Crystal Ball Run)

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel, Gus Malzahn, recruting, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us. 

Obligatory Johnny Manziel story of the day.
The Dallas Morning News reports that the parents of Texas A&M starting quarterback were "shocked" when Manziel was briefly suspended by the school following his arrest last June. (The Dallas Morning News)

Be thankful for what you've got. 
Good Bull Hunting looks at the scrutiny Texas A&M has gone under the offseason, and reminds Aggieland it's better than being stuck in the Big 12.

Those were the days, my friend. We thought they'd never end.
The War Eagle Reader take a look back at Auburn head football coach Gus Malzahn's college football-playing days at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Ar.

War Preview!
Team Speed Kills previews Auburn's 2013 season.

The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer. 
Pat Dooley ranks Georgia as having the hardest schedule for an SEC school  in the first four games of the 2013 season. Alabama and Ole Miss come in second and third. The SEC school with the easiest first four games of the season? Missouri. (The Gainesville Sun)

Hero of the Day.
Former Alabama running back Glen Coffee, now a member of the U.S, Army,  is set to graduate from Airborne School at Ft. Benning, Ga. (

I've seen the future, and it will be.
The Capstone Report previews the Sept.14 Alabama-Texas A&M game.

I've seen the future, and it works.
Paul Myerberg previews Arkansas' 2013 season. (USA Today)

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
Neil Shulman previews the Oct. 12 Florida vs. LSU game. (Alligator Army)

Good guys wear white, and so should Florida.
Paul Sjoberg wants Florida to bring back the Gator's white helmets. (Our Two Bits)

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.
Anthony Richards looks at Vanderbilt's defense. (Saturday Down South)


Avoiding the early rush.
Florida high school rising sophomore cornerback Tyler Byrd commits to Florida's 2016 recruiting class. (The Gainesville Sun)

Ole Miss recruiting.
Georgia JUCO CB Quintavious Knight commits to Ole Miss' 2014 recruiting class. (Red Cup Rebellion)

Kentucky recruiting.
Florida HS rising senior Derrick Kelly Jr. commits to Kentucky's 2014 recruiting class. (A Sea of Blue)


Johnny Manziel, time traveler.
Good Bull Hunting ponders what would happen if Johnny Manziel traveled back in time to 1996, and played on they year's Texas A&M football team. So Johnny Football is John Titor now?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel, Bret Bielema, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - Taking the SEC bull by the horns.

It Don't Matter to Me.
Holly Anderson explains why she's not bothered by Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel's Twitter tantrum last weekend. This is where today's photo of Carl Miles sculpture, Europa and the Bull, located on the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville, comes in.  (Grantland)

Johnny, We (Almost) Hardly Knew Ye.
Manziel almost transferred from Texas A&M last summer after his arrest. (USA Today)

Me Neither.
Good Bull Hunting takes aim at a article written in the Texas A&M student newspaper The Battalion about  Manziel's deleted Tweet.

How you gonna keep them down on the farm after they've seen Starkville?
Jim Harris claims that first year Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema's biggest challenge may be keeping in-state recruits from committing to out-of-state programs. (Sporting Life Arkansas HT: Arkansas Expats)

Stop Your Sobbing.
Track 'Em Tigers tells Bielema not to "whine" about teams use fast-paced offenses like the no-huddle.

I've got a little list, I've got a little list. 
SEC schools take eight of twelve spots on Pete Roussel's list of college football programs that are "having the best offseason." (

Team Speed Kills previews Kentucky's 2013 season.


Know Your Enemy.
Dawg Sports provides a guide to the types of Georgia Tech fans you'll meet on the Techie-centric message boards.

Bob Stoops' car stolen in home burglary.

Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops's home was broken into sometime early Wednesday morning. Full details of the crime haven't been revealed, but it is known that Stoops' car and other items in the Norman-area home were stolen.

"Police said the burglary occurred around 3:30 a.m. while members of the Stoops family slept. Authorities were called early the next morning when they realized the crime had occurred. Along with items taken from inside the house, there was also a car stolen."

Thoughts and prayers go out to the Stoops family. 

(via Dr. Saturday)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Atlanta Falcons launch website for new out-of-this-world stadium.

The Atlanta Falcons have unveiled a website for the team's future home on Wednesday. The design for the new stadium, which is expected to also be the site for the SEC championship game, the Chick-fil-A Kickoff game, and the Chick-fil-A Bowl was given final approval by Georgia World Congress Center Authority's Stadium Development Committee on Tuesday. The new stadium is also which is expected to also be the site for the SEC championship game, the Chick-fil-A Kickoff game, and the Chick-fil-A Bowl. 

The new stadium design has become notable for its retractable roof, which resembles either a) a blooming flower, b) the mouth of a Sandworm from Dune, or c) what exactly you think it looks like, pervert. It will certainly be a unique addition to the Atlanta landscape.

The stadium is scheduled to be completed in time for the Falcons' 2017 season. In that year, Falcons' wide receiver Julio Jones will be 28, quarterback Matt Ryan will be 32, and the Atlanta Hawks will still not have gotten past the first round of the NBA Playoffs.


BCS Bowl projections already?

SB*Nation's Jason Kirk came out with his preseason bowl predictions for 2013 a couple of days ago. Here's what he has going down in the BCS, and more importantly, what I think will happen. At least today.

BCS title game: (Jan. 6, 2014)

Jason Kirk's prediction: Alabama vs. Oregon
What I think: Alabama vs. Ohio State

Going along the conventional wisdom of Alabama in the BCS isn't as easy as it looks. There's an urge to have Texas A&M all the way. But honestly, that would require Johny Manziel and the Aggies to go undefeated, and between a one-loss Alabama and a one-loss aTm, the Tide get the benefit of the doubt. Same goes with one-loss 'Bama and one-loss LSU.

Ohio State is an easier no-brainer to get away with though. I don't see Urban Meyer having too much trouble going at least 11-1 in season.

Rose Bowl (Jan. 1, 2014)
Kirk's prediction: Stanford v. Ohio St.
What I think: Nebraska vs. Stanford

With Ohio State in the BCS title game (and naturally,the Big 10 championship), that leaves the Rose Bowl open for another Big 10 school (and you know the Rose won't pick Boise State to replace a Big Ten school, right?). The B1G Legends division seems rife for teams to take a step back after next season. Nebraska looks like the best choice to make it through to the B1G championship game. The Huskers will benefit from not having Ohio St. the regular season schedule as well. Which Legends contenders Northwestern and Michigan don't.

Stanford makes it in because I think it can edge out Oregon in both their conference game and as the eventual Pac-12 North champ. I don't expect to see much competition coming from their Pac-12 South opponent in the Pac-12 championship game, either.

Orange Bowl (Jan 3, 2014)
Kirk's prediction Clemson vs. Lousiville
What I think: Clemson vs. Boise St.

Hard to argue against Clemson winning the ACC again this season. Which leaves the Orange, who as the BCS's first at-large pick to find the Tigers and opponent. Boise State will probably go unbeaten this year. Sadly, so will either Alabama, Ohio St., or both.  The Broncos will probably wind up higher in the BCS than Louisville, so they get to go to Miami.

Sugar Bowl (Jan 2, 2014)
Kirk's prediction: Georgia vs. Oklahoma State
What I think: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma St.

If 'Bama goes to the BCS again, The Sugar Bowl has to find a replacement SEC team. Kirk thinks it would be presumed SEC East champ Georgia. I'm doubtful the Dawgs are going to be able to do better than 10-2 in the regular season. South Carolina or could go 11-1 and lose to 'Bama in the SEC title game, knocking them to 11-2. Florida will probably go 10-2, getting beat by SCAR and LSU. Between a 11-2 South Carolina and a 11-1 Texas A&M, the Sugar goes for a chance to have Johnny Football run amok both in the Sugar Bowl and on Bourbon Street after the game.

The Sugar Bowl also gets the BCS 2nd at-large pick. Louisville in the Superdome last year, but the Sugar may skip them for a chance to have Oklahoma St., if only to help keep the Fiesta from being a Big 12 vs. Big 12 matchup.

Fiesta Bowl (Jan 1, 2014)
Kirk's prediction Texas vs. Bosie St. 
What I say. Oklahoma vs. Louisville. 

The Big 12 is hard to predict this season, but the Sooners may find a way to edge ahead. As for Louisville, well, it has to land somewhere.

(via SB*Nation)

Big Tentacles: Wes Lunt, Andrew Maxwell, Northwestern, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and it's influence over college football. 

Wes is more. 
Tom Fornelli tries to sort out what former Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt's decision to transfer to Illinois will mean for the Fighing Illini football program. As Lunt will have to set out 2013, Illini fans shouldn't be making New Year's plans any time soon. (The Champaign Room)

Maxwell's Silver Hammer.
Andrew Maxwell will be Michigan State's starting quarterback at the start of the season. Because former Spartan/ current Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins says so. (

I've seen the future, and it will be. 
Jason Kirk predicts Ohio State will meet Stanford in the Rose Bowl. In case you're wondering, Kirk has Alabama vs. Oregon in the BCS title game. (SB*Nation)

Danger Club.
Spencer Hall declares Northwestern to be "The Most Dangerous Team in America." (Every Day Should Be Saturday)

Jack Attack!
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern offensive lineman Jack Konopka. (Sippin' on Purple)

A Few Small Repairs.
Marc Morehouse  looks at the instillation of a new video scoreboard and ribbon display system in Iowa's Kinnick Stadium. (The Cedar Rapids Gazette)


With Six You Get Eggroll. 
Kansas high school rising senior linebacker Henry McGrew becomes the sixth commitment to Illinois 2014 recruiting class. (The Champaign Room)

The Hall of Justice.
Ohio HSRS LB Nathan Hall commits to Northwestern's 2014 recruiting class. Hall's brother Jimmy currently is a safety on the Wildcat squad.  (Lake the Posts)


Web Gems.
Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz tries to use the Internet. Things go as well as you would expect. (EDSBS)

In AIRBHG we trust.
AIRBHG (Angry Running Back Hating God) makes an appearance in Phil Steele's latest college football preview magazine. Naturally AIRBHG's creator, Black Heart Gold Pants, can't be more proud of this.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Iowa releases stregnth training video.

So, you think you're the toughest guy in you CrossFit class? Well sit yourself down and watch these members of the Iowa football team go through their strength and conditioning program. You'll feel like a chump afterwards.

Music: "The Only Way I Know," by Jason Aldean with Luke Bryan and Eric Church.  'Cause America Needs Farmers.

And yes, I'm sure Kirk Ferentz' staff is making sure that another "Rhabdomyolysis" incident soesn't happen again. But thanks for being concerned.

(via Black Heart Gold Pants)

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel, Missouri, recruiting, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us. 

Enjoy the Silence.
Kevin Scarbinsky's advice for players like Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel who use Twitter - don't. (

Goodbye Says It All.
Missouri linebacker Torey Boozer is dismissed from the team due to "undisclosed disciplinary reasons." He plans to transfer to SMU. (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Georgia will NOT win the BCS title this season.
Because Senator Blutarsky says so. 

The Keys to the Kingdom.
Pat Dooley provides Florida with the "seven keys to success" in 2013. (The Gainesville Sun)


Tennessee recruiting news.
Alabama high school rising senior linebacker Gavin Bryant commits to Tennessee's 2014 recruiting class (

Alabama recruiting news. 
Minnesota HSRS center J.C. Hassenauer commits to Alabama's 2014 recruiting class. (Roll 'Bama Roll)

South Carolina recruiting. 
Georgia HS rising junior defensive end Arden Key commits to South Carolina's 2015 recruiting class. (Prep Rally)

Ole Miss serenades fans with The Wanted in thank you video.

What better way for Ole Miss to thank the fans who came out to support the Rebels in their various athletic events this season than with UK pop band The Wanted's hit "Glad You Came?" Okay, If you're over twenty-three you probably shouldn't even think of answering this question. Just be happy it's not Justin Bieber (or worse, Skrillex) and move on.

(via Red Cup Rebellion)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tennessee head coach Butch Jones pimps recycling while taping commercial.

Tennessee football's twitter account posted the following Vine video of first Volunteers head football coach Butch Jones taping a commercial for Eastman & Good Sports. There is apparently an angle involved with this ad involving recycling, as Jones stands near a recycling bin labeled "Good sports always recycle," and is seen tossing a plastic bottle behind his back. I'm just going the bottle is going to magically wind up in the second recycling bin seen in the background.

There's a Tyler Bray joke around here somewhere. Jones probably would have better accuracy with the bottle hitting its target than the former Tennessee star quarterback would anyway.

(via College Spun)

Four-star prospect Derek Kief announces commitment to Alabama in YouTube video.

Prospects announcing their commitments in elaborate style are nothing new. But Ohio high school rising senior wide receiver Derek Kief announced his commitment to Alabama's 2014 recruiting class in the one of the more elaborate and planned out ways possible on Sunday with a close-to-over-the-top YouTube video.

Keif is a four-star prospect, according to

(via Saturday Down South)

Big Tentacles: Urban Meyer, recruiting, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and its influence on college football. 

A Few Small Repairs.  
Tim May looks at Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer's tweaks to the Buckeyes' offense. (The Columbus Dispatch)

Noah deposit, Noah return. (Yeah, that one was weak.)
Chris Holloway profiles Ohio St. defensive lineman Noah Spence. (Buckeye Empire

Eye on the Hawkeye.
The Crimson Quarry previews Iowa's 2013 season, from an Indiana point of view.

Assume the position. 
Andrew Coppens ranks Big Ten defenses. Michigan, Penn State, and Wisconsin are at the top. Indiana is at the bottom. (The B1G Time)

Thank you, sir. Can I have another?
Andrew Coppens ranks Big Ten tight end posistions. Penn State has the best, Northwestern the owrst. (The B1G Time)


Michigan State recruiting news. 
Ohio high school rising senior defensive back Vayante Copeland commits to Michigan State's 2014 recruiting class. (The Only Colors)

Bright Shiny Objects.
Chris Vannini looks at the influence alternate jerseys and helmets have on Michigan State recruiting with attention given to the chrome helmets the Spartans wore last season. (The Detroit Free Press)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day with the Manning family

I couldn't think of a better way of wishing all the dads out there a happy father's day than with this little PSA gem from a few years back featuring Archie "Papa Bear" Manning and his sons, Peyton, Eli, and Cooper.

The Fallout: Jim Mora Jr., Johnny Manziel, recruiting, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Sunday news and notes.

The Impression That I get.
A Bruins Nation blogger gives his opinion of UCLA head football coach Jim Mora Jr. after hearing him at a UCLA on the Road event, saying "I strongly believe that after years of futility, UCLA finally has a football coach who has a vision and plan."

The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.
Pat Dooley tries to explain which team are moving to which conferences, and when they're going. (The Gainesville Sun)

Charles in Charge.
Drew Roberts profiles Boise State offensive tackle Charles Leno. (One Bronco Nation Under God)

Spencer for Hire.
Drew Roberts profiles Boise St. offensive guard Spencer Gerke. (OBNUG)

North by Northwestern. 
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern OT Kenton Playko. (Sippin' On Purple)


Nothing But Flowers. 
Florida high school rising senior quarterback Quinton Flowers commits to South Florida's 2014 recruiting class. (Voodoo Five)

Don't give up the Shep.
Pennsylvania HSRS guard Shep Garner commits to Penn State's 2014 recruiting class. (Black Shoe Diaries)


Ah, yes, I remember it well.
Matt Borcas takes a look back at the 2010 Rose Bowl game between Ohio State and Oregon. The Ducks won the game 26-17. (Land-Grant Holy Land)



Slave to Fashion.
"Phil Steele" reviews the wardrobe of Texas A&M starting QB Johnny Manziel. Yes, the Scooby-Doo costume makes an appearance. (Good Bull Hunting)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Fallout: Recruiting, Maryland, South Carolina, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition.

I Love L.A. 
Pete Volk profiles Maryland inside linebacker L.A. Goree. (Testudo Times)

Cody wants a pony.
Garnet and Black Attack profiles South Carolina offensive tackle Cody Gibson.


I come Alabama with a banjo on my knee.
Oklahoma high school rising senior quarterback David Cornwell commits to Alabama's 2014 recruiting class. Cornwell is considered the country's top-ranked pro-style QB. (

Park Life.
South Carolina HSRS QB Jacob Park commits to Georgia's 2013 recruiting class. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Jordan Crossing. 
Texas HS rising junior tight end Jordan Davis commits to Texas A&M's 2015 recruiting class. (Good Bull Hunting)

Hey Porter!
Texas HSRS wide receiver Emanuel Porter commits to Texas class of 2014. He had previously been committed to TCU. (Burnt Orange Nation)

Mister Jones and me tell each other fairy tales. 
Texas HSRS safety Jyaz Jones commits to Iowa's 2014 recruiting class. (Black Heart Gold Pants)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mississippi St. to wear pink football jerseys?

So it's all come to this. We all knew deep inside of us that one day, some college or pro football team of a least some kind or higher profile was going to bring out pink football jerseys. Apparently, thanks to Adidas, that day has come.

Behold...the pink Mississippi State football jersey!

Okay, even without any further info, I can make a good guess that this is somehow related with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (or as I like to call it, October). Pro and college teams have broken out equipment like pink cleats and pink gloves and the like for years. But as far as I can recall, this it the first time a well-known FBS football program has gone with pink jerseys. I would have thought something like pink numbers or the like would have come first, but Miss. St. skipped ahead went Full Monty with the pink.

Actually, the pink jerseys I could handle, as it's for a good cause. The white-and-grey camo pants? Not so much. Actually, it might be a little too much as a combo.

(via @UniformCritics)

Art Briles is smart, won't criticize the SEC.

Art Briles with Lennay Kekua.

Baylor head football Art Briles is a smart man. Earlier in the week, Ryan Russilo of ESPN's SVP & Rusillo show asked Briles if he wanted to "take this time now and maybe say something negative about the SEC to get that thing stoked up again?" like Oklahoma HC Bob Stoops did earlier this year.

Briles gracefully declined, saying ""I don't know how you could. I mean I learned a long time ago, the only guy that remembers second place is the one that got it." He also added that the SEC had "a great job. They put they're brand on the table, and they've walked away with all the chips. What can you say? Until someone beats them, that's the way it's going to be."

It's too bad Bob Stoops can't be as smart as Briles is.


If the SEC were Doctor Who alien races.

First some explanation, yesterday I read about a rumor over at Bleeding Cool about the possibility of some long-lost episodes of the original Doctor Who series might have been recovered. As an old school Doctor Who fan, these rumors have come and gone, usually without merit. If Rich Johnson hadn't written the piece, I wouldn't give it a grain of salt myself. Stillo, I'm hopeful something does show up from the show's long-past Sixites roots.

Of course, it did give me a chance to ponder what classic Doctor Who monsters match up the best with the SEC's monsters of the gridiron.  I'm not doing all SEC teams, just the ones that seem to fit The Doctor's most notorious enemies.

Alabama - The Daleks
Too obvious, but would you really want any other college football team to be the the most evil race of genetically modified space aliens the universe has ever known? Besides, "Roll Tide!" is the Southern equivalent of the Daleks' "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" battle cry.

Auburn - The Cybermen
In many ways they're the Daleks' equals and opposites. Both alien races have organic forms encased in metallic bodies, only the Cybermen more resemble their former humanoid forms than do the Dalek's tank-like casings. A natural fit for Auburn.

South Carolina - The Master
Okay, The Master isn't quite a monster (unless you count the version that appeared in "The Deadly Assassin"), but for our purposes he'll count as one. Especially as the chance to compare The Doctor's rival Timelord to South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier just can't be passed by. The Master's evil plans have given The Doctor fits for over forty years his various regenerations (none quite surpassing his original portrayer, the late Roger Delgado. Like the Master, Spurrier had given the SEC fits since he first took over as HC of Florida back in the day.

Georgia -The Sontarans.
The Sontarans kind of look like Bulldogs. So the analogy at least works there. Also, The Sontarans always seem not to get the recognition they deserve as Doctor Who villains, which describes Georgia to a fault.


Texas A&M - The Weeping Angels
Like Texas A&M in the SEC, The Weeping Angels are the new kids on the block in the Doctor Who universe. That hasn't stopped them from becoming probably the best monsters to come out of the series since it was revived back in 2005. The Angels' seem to be immobile statues, but take your eye off of them for one second, and they move at incredible speeds. Not unlike Aggie quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Florida - The Silurians.
Too easy. The race of prehistoric reptilians (okay, more saurian. But who's counting?) who ruled the Earth before the coming of mankind are near-perfect analogs of The Gators. Well, maybe the Silurians' aquatic cousins, The Sea Devils, are more appropriate. But they looks more like turtles than gators. So I'm sticking with the Silurians.

LSU - Sutekh
Okay, Sutekh only appeared once, but it was in the best Doctor Who serial ever made, "Pyramids of Mars," and there's no other Doctor villain I'd use to compare to LSU HC Les Miles than the Egyptian god of evil. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel, Mark Stoops, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us.

Obligatory Johnny Manziel story of the day. 
Jordan Ray claims that "Johnny Manziel is not a better passer than Tim Tebow." Let's see Tebow try to make Manziel's "bobbled" touchdown from last year's Texas A&M/Alabama game. (College Spun)

I've seen the future, and it will be. 
Track 'Em Tigers previews Auburn's Oct. 19 road game against Texas A&M.

The high cost of bowling.
Florida lost $840,000 on its trip to the 2013 Sugar Bowl. Most of the loss is reportedly due to the school not selling enough tickets to the event.  (Bulldog Illustrated)

Building a Mystery.
SB*Nation's SEC bloggers give their pick on what the SEC's "Most mysterious team" is. I'd say Missouri, because I still can't figure how in the heck they got in the conference.

United Colors of Benton. 
J.T, Harper profiles Arkansas offensive lineman Ben Benton. (Arkansas Expats)


Malkom in the Middle. 
Georgia gets another commitment for its 2014 recruiting class from in-state high school rising senior  cornerback Malkom Parrish. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Kentucky recruiting news. 
Barrett Sallee looks at Kentucky's recruiting success under first-year head football coach Mark Stoops. (Bleacher Report. Note: slideshow free)

Dancing in the Ruins, Art Briles, Oklahoma State, and more.

Dancing in the Ruins - The new Big 12 rising out of the old. 

Every Day I Write the Book.
Art Briles: Looking Up: My Journey from Tragedy to Triumpn, a biography of the Baylor head football written by Nick Eatman, will be released on October 1. (Our Daily Bears)

Selling like hotcakes.
Baylor athletic director Ian McCaw says that season ticket sales for the Bears' upcoming college football season are set to go over the 20,000 mark. (Our Daily Bears)

I've seen the future, and it will be.
Bill Connelly previews Iowa State's 2013 football season. (SB*Nation)

Flirting With Disaster.
Oklahoma State's current Academic Progress Rate score of 926 makes it bowl-elligible for this season, but not if increased APR standards for 2014 were in effect. (The Oklahoman)


Carolina in My Mind. 
South Carolina high school rising senior quarterback Mason Rudolph commits to Oklahoma State's 2014 recruiting class. (SB*Nation)



Assume the posistion.
Yoga, Texas Longhorns style. An insane concept only a Texas A&M blog could come up with. (Good Bull Hunting)

Clemson's legendary Howard's Rock vandalized.

Someone has decided to vandalize another cherished college football landmark. This time, someone took out a huge chunk of Howard's Rock, the cherished totem of Clemson football. The school confirmed reports that the rock had been damaged around the second or third of June.

Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich says that "Police are investigating," the incident.

I can't really figure out how to describe how I feel about this incident, except it makes me sick to my stomach. This is why we can't have nice things, college football fans. 

(via The Crystal Ball Run)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Big Tentacles: Jim Delany, Kenny Bell, recruiting, and more.

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and its influence over college football. 

I'll Stick Around. 
Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany will stay on the job until at least 2018. (The B1G Time)

(Don't) Ring My Bell.
Jon Johnson comments on the NCAA's new "Kenny Bell" rule against hitting "defenseless players" in the manner that Nebraska wide receiver Kenny Bell did during last season's Big Ten championship game. (Corn Nation)

Cool the Engines.
Phillip Rossman-Reich tries to pour some cold water on Northwestern fan's optimism about the forthcoming 2013 season. (Lake the Posts

Tall Paul.
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern offensive lineman Paul Jorgensen. (Sippin' On Purple)

Open Mike Night.
Rodger Sherman profiles Northwestern WR Mike Jensen. (Sippin' On Purple)

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. 
Andrew Coppins previews Minnesota 2013 season. (The B1G Time)

Carter Country.
Hammer and Rails profiles Purdue tight end Sterling Carter.

The Paper Chase. 
A Lion Eye profiles Illinois quarterback Chase Haslett.


She's even kinda crazy 'bout my Tanner Farmer.
Illinois high school rising senior offensive guard Tanner Farmer commits to Nebraska's 2014 recruiting class. Seriously, it there a more Cornhusker name than Tanner Farmer? (Corn Nation)

Kickstart My Heart.
German-born Kentucky HS rising senior Sean Nuernberger commits to Ohio State's 2014 recruiting class. (Land-Grant Holy Land)

Covering Dixie: Nick Saban in Tennessee, Johnny Manziel, Jeff Driskel, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. Accept no substitutes.  

Behind Enemy Lines.
Alabama head football coach Nick Saban speaks in front of a 1,500-plus audience at an event in Athens, Tn. Needless to say, this didn't make Tennessee fans happy. (

Obligatory Johnny Manziel item of the day.
Texas A&M starting QB Johnny Manziel appeared on ESPN's First Take yesterday. Naturally, he was asked by Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith about Tim Tebow. (The Dallas Morning News)

Please come to Boston for the springtime. 
Florida QB Jeff Driskel discusses being drafted by the Boston Red Sox. Don't worry, Gator fans, he says he's not going anywhere. (The Gainesville Sun)

Arkansas player profile of the day. 
Zack Veddern profiles Arkansas wide receiver Demetrius Wilson. (Arkansas Expats)

I've got a little list. I've got a little list. 
Braden Gall ranks the SEC stadiums. LSU's Tiger Stadium takes the number one spot, with Georgia's Stanford Stadium in second, and Tennessee's Neyland Stadium in third. Vanderbilt Stadium comes in last, which should come as no shock to anyone. (Athlon Sports)

South Carolina player profile of the day.
Garnet and Black Attack profiles South Carolina tight end Rory "Busta" Anderson. 

What are words for when no one listens anymore?
Kevin Scarbinsky comments on the words "Beat Bama" painted on the wall of a meeting room in Auburn's football building. (

Vandy season preview. 
Alex DeRemer previews Vanderbilt's 2013 season.Well, somebody had to do it. (Capstone Report)


The following item is brought to you by a grant from the Chubb Group.
Georgia high school rising senior running back Nick Chubb commits to UGA's 2014 recruiting class. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

Chark Tank.
Louisiana HS rising senior D.J. Chark commits to LSU's 2014 recruiting class. (And the Valley Shook)

Going Mobile (Alabama).
Alex Scarborough looks at Alabama's recruiting in the area surrounding Mobile. Crimson Tide players from the Mobile area include starting quarterback A.J. McCarron, and linebacker C.J. Mosley. (ESPN)

Former USC player claims Ed Orgeron cussed him out for attending class.

Ed Orgeron. Photo:

Bob DeMars, a former USC defensive lineman,  has claimed that Trojan defensive lines coach Ed Orgeron cussed him out  for having the audacity of going to class. DeMars, who was a DL on the USC football team from 1997-2001, told Time reporter Sean Gregory how Orgeron, then at his first stint at USC,  expressed his unhappiness about his having to leave practice early once a week to attend a statistics class required for his business major during one semester.

"In order to show up on time for a required statistics course one semester, he says he had to leave spring practice twenty minutes early, once a week. His defensive line coach, Ed Orgeron, wasn’t happy. You motherf—-r, DeMars remembers Orgeron, who went on to become head coach at Ole Miss from 2005 to 2007, and is now back at USC as assistant head coach, shouting at him. “He M-F’d me all over the place,” says DeMars. “He made me feel like a bad person for going to class.”

USC athletic director Pat Haden claims that "all our football practices have been open to the media and players’ families since before Bob was here, and have been open to the public for most of that time as well. The transparency of practice would have brought to light this type of alleged inappropriate behavior. We also have high standards for our coaches and monitor and evaluate them as we would any of our employees.”

Orgeron was unavailable for comment.

DeMars has gone on to become a filmmaker. He currently has a Kickstarter campaign to fund his next project, a documentary on college football called The Business of Amateurs. Time reports former USC quarterback Matt Barkley has donated money for the project, which has collected $20,547 of its $30,000 goal.

(via Time. HT: Mark Helm at, who also reminded the world about the legendary music video about Orgeron's days as Ole Miss head football coach.)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Johnny Manziel, Nick Saban and Guz Malzahn, recruiting news, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew -  The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us.

Oh, the Places You'll Go! 
The Dallas Morning News takes a tour of the many stops that Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel has made during the most awesomeness offseason ever for a college football player. (Warning: slideshow involved)

Yeah, somebody went there.
Alex Ferguson ponders if Johnny Manziel will suffer the same NFL fate as Tim Tebow. (Sky Sports)

Iron Lion Zion. 
Alabama head football coach Nick Saban and first-year Auburn HC Gus Malzahn discuss what the Iron Bowl means to them. (

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned. 
Jon Cooper looks at five SEC quarterbacks that could mess up the vaulted preseason predictions of the all-knowing by their performance for good or bad in the upcoming season.  The list includes Florida QB Jeff Driskel, and  (suprise!) Johnny Manziel. (Saturday Down South)

There can be only one.
South Carolina QB coach G.A. Mangus discusses the potential starting QB batter between oft-injured Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson. (Bleacher Report. Note: Slideshow free)


Pumped Up Kicks.
Colorado high school rising senior punter J.K. Scott commits to Alabama's 2014 recruiting class. (Roll 'Bama Roll)

Vols recruiting news. 
Georgia HS rising senior defensive end Andrew Butcher commits to Tennessee's 2014 recruiting class. (Rocky Top Talk)