Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Detroit Lions wish to destroy the Little Caesar's Bowl (and show its hatred of America) with a bowl game of its own.

The Detroit Lions hate America. This was proven when Nickelback was the halftime show a few Thanksgiving Day games ago. To really nail out the idea home, the team has decided to kill that most American of traditions, The Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl, in order to create a college bowl game of its own at Ford Field.

ESPN reports that the Lions are planning to start up and run its own bowl game at Ford Field starting in 2014. This would replace the beloved Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl, and give a great American company headquartered in Detroit the finger. What a disgusting thing to do to a company that boldly remained in the Motor City while other companies have left it for dead.

The new bowl would reportedly have tie-ins with the Big Ten and ACC, leaving the MAC out in the cold. Again, the Lions hate America by ending the proud tradition of a matchup between a worthy  MAC team and team from the Big Ten/Sun Belt if there isn't a bowl eligible B1G team, worthy at-large team.

Of course, the Lions could just continue using Little Caesar's as its bowls title sponsor, thus showing some respect for tradition in a country so proud of tradition. But it would only cloak the Lions' hatred for America and its desire for quality football.

There is no word yet if the Lions understand that an NFL team, they would be ineligible to play in their own bowl game, but this would surprise no one.

(via ESPN)

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