Monday, May 20, 2013

Bruce Pearl's son does radio ad mocking "backyard barbeque" incident that led to his dad's firing from Tennessee.

Steven Pearl, former Tennessee basketball player and son of disgraced former Vols' men's basketball coach Bruce Pearl, is currently a sports radio personality for Tennessee Sports Radio. This of course means that he does a ad for the radio or two. So when Pearl does an ad for legendary Knoxville barbeque joint Calhoun's, you can't help to recall the scandal involving a backyard barbecue for recruits than brought his father's firing.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the ad jokingly references the event as well when shilling for Calhoun's "Family Feed Packs" for backyard barbeques , including having a rule about "absolutely no photography," and a notice that "offer not available to Aaron Craft."

This may be one of the greatest mockings of NCAA rules violations ever.

(via ESPN)

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