Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Big Tentacles: Minnesota, Illinois, Northwestern, and ...fossils?

Big Tentacles - The Big Ten and its influence on college football.

Every day's the same, nothing ever change.
Michael Bird comments on the Big Ten's failure to deliver on its promise of parity-based scheduling. (SB*Nation)

There's a Tear in My Beer. 
How does a like the University of Minnesota lose money selling beer at football games? A crappy contract where the vendor gets the better end of the deal, apparently. (Deadspin)

The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.
A Lion Eye's solution to what's ailing Illinois? Win. Yeah, I think that may take a little more effort there.

Illinois defense. 
Zach Travis looks at Illinois' defense, from a Michigan Man's point of view. (Maize N Brew)

Anger is an energy. 
Penn State fans are irrational in not directing anger at the football instead of Sports Illustrated over the magazine's article on alleged mishandling of player medical and safety issues. Because Tim Baffoe said so. (CBS Chicago)


Northwestern recruiting. 
Lake the Posts looks at Northwestern's remarkable job at recruiting. Insert "bagman" joke here. 


Dem Bones.
Johnny Glinter ranks the state fossils of the Big Ten region. This would have been a Joe Paterno joke five years ago. (Eleven Warriors)

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