Friday, March 29, 2013

Covering Dixie: Johnny Manziel on leaving Twitter, Todd Gurley, LSU, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. All your crystal football are belong to us. 

The Breakup Song.
Ubiquitous Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel explains his decision to step away from Twitter. (USA Today)

Leaner and meaner?
Even though Georgia running back Todd Gurley says he gained six pounds during the offseason, he still looks leaner on the field during spring practice. (The Athens Banner-Herald)

North Carolina to the SEC in 2014?
Because some blogger said so. The voices in your head don't count as reliable sources. (Tuxedo Yoda. HT Leather Helmet Blog)

Sloppy Geaux?
LSU looked sloppy during the second scrimmage of spring practice. (The New Orleans Times-Picayune)


LSU fans are tired and boring.
Because Roll 'Bama Roll said so.

Who's on Texas A&M's mount Rushmore.
Johnny Manziel, Johnny Manziel, Johnny Manziel, and Johnny Manziel. Next question. (Good Bull Hunting)