Friday, January 25, 2013

Shapiro lawyer goes Lee Harvey Oswald on the NCAA, claims to be botched Miami investigation's "patsy."

Not Nevin Shapiro's attorney.
Maria Elena Perez, the lawyer representing Ponzi scheme mastermind Nevin Shapiro, is playing the Lee Harvey Oswald card against the NCAA. She claims that she is being made to be the "patsy" in the college athletics governing body's botched investigation of her client's ties with the University of Miami football program.

"I did nothing wrong and I was playing by the f------ rules and I am not bound by NCAA rules, and if they did something wrong, it is their problem and they are trying to make it my problem. This is not my problem," she told the Sun Sentinel.

Perez then questioned the NCAA's motives.

"I don't know what it's all about and I find this very suspicious," she said. "And I'm starting to believe they want (to) intentionally botch this investigation for reasons I can only imagine are monetary."

Perez was reportedly "given a list of questions" by the NCAA to ask associates of Shapiro during a bankruptcy deposition unrelated to the Miami investigation who are considered "important witnesses in their case against Miami," whom were not required to speak to its investigators. Shapiro was paid for doing so by the NCAA for her services.

(via ESPN)