Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nebraska RB Abdullah not intimidated by the SEC.

The SEC has gained a mystique over the years as being the best conference in college football. And that was even before its schools won six consecutive BCS titles. None of that, however, impresses Nebraska running back Ameer Abdulah, who grew up smack dab in SEC territory in in Homewood, Al. He and his Cornhusker team face SEC in the New Year's Day 2013 Capital One Bowl.

“I hate when people say 'beat an SEC team.' It's a football team,” Abdullah said. “You know what I mean? It doesn't really matter what conference a team comes from. It's how good they are. There's a lot of good teams around the country. It's not just because they come from the SEC that they hold some kind of special powers or something like that, where they're so much better than other conferences.”

This might be either an advantage or a disadvantage for Abdullah. On one hand, he doesn't seem intimidated facing Georgia. On the other hand, he might be taking the Dawgs too lightly.

(via The Omaha World-Herald)