Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mike Gundy's unhappiness over scheduling at Oklahoma State could be fueling his interest in other coaching jobs.

Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy has been been linked as the possible new HC of a number of schools looking with a vacancy, notably Arkansas and Tennessee. It seems odd on the surface that Gundy would want to leave the green pastures of Stillwater, and the even greener pockets of the Cowboys' number one booster, T. Boone Pickens. It turns out that all is not well as it seems to be between Gundy and Oklahoma St. athletic director Mike Holder. The source of the conflict is a predictable one - power.

"Gundy wants veto power over nonconference scheduling. But sources say he has other issues, too, from recruiting logistics to constantly being told no about small things.
“I sensed the last year or so, Mike's been unhappy with Holder,” said the source close to Gundy. “I didn't know he was bucking Mike that much. Mike lets that stuff roll off his back pretty good. Apparently it has gotten that way.”

Gundy reportedle isn't too happy with Oklahoma State playing a neutral-field game against Mississippi State at Reliant Stadium in Houston as the 2013 season opener, and a probable 2014 neutral-field game against Florida State in 2014. The bad news for Gundy is that those game are slowly becoming standard operating procedure in college football. So he might have to deal with those games whether he stays in Stillwater, or heads elsewhere.

(via The Oklahoman)