Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mark Richt is stuck in a moment he can't get out of.

Mark Richt at the 2012 SEC championship game.

The last moments of the SEC championship game are still hovering around Georgia head football coach Mark Richt. He was supposed to be talking about the Dawgs 2013 Capital One Bowl matchup against Nebraska on Jan. 1. Most of the talk, however centered upon Richt's game management in the last few seconds in the Dawgs' loss to Alabama.

"Q: When you were watching the tape. Obviously you watched the last 15 seconds. If you had to do it over again, would you do anything different?

A: No. I guess I can use this time. When you no huddle, you go with tempo. We want to go with pace and that’s what we’ve been doing all year long. Part of going no huddle is when you have a defense on the run, you snap the ball again, you’re not looking to stop play. You don’t need to stop play. Play was stopped because we had a first down. With 15 seconds, strategically if you’re able to call a play, you can call that play. If it’s incomplete, you have time for two more plays. You can run three plays. You want to give yourself as many opportunities as you can. If you clock the ball, you probably only get two shots. Hopefully, you only need one. If we had clocked the ball, we would have called the same play. It was the play that we wanted to call. The problem was the ball got tipped and it landed in play. It was not intended obviously for Chris Conley. At least for us it was not intended for him. When a guy runs a fade here and the guy runs a speed out there, if it’s zone coverage, cornerbacks are taught not to go in the back of the end zone. They’re only going to go so far. If you put a guy in front of him and a guy behind him, you kind of put a stretch on him. You’re trying to throw the ball where it looks like you might be trying to throw it to the shorter guy and then he freezes and the ball goes over the top. That’s if it’s zone. If it’s man coverage, if the QB thinks it’s man coverage, then you’re going to throw the best ball to that receiver. In this case,Murraydidn’t feel like we ran by him. He thought it was more of an even race so that’s when we throw those back shoulder throws. Because he threw a back shoulder throw, it was a lower trajectory throw, which is why the ball was able to get batted. If he thought the receiver had beaten him, he was going to throw it more over the top, that ball would have probably would have not been batted. You throw the ball according to what you see. It was more of a tight coverage."

That's pretty much how the rest of the conference went. Richt is probably feeling like the losing football player in the video for U2's "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of" right now.

The SEC title game loss is probably not the thing Richt and the Georgia program needs hovering over it like a dark cloud. Georgia has plenty of those, with things like the 2008 "blackout" debacle against Alabama, nearly two decades of pain and suffering against Florida, and the ever popular "Mark Richt has lost control of..." meme competing for the top spot of the UGA misery index. Some programs have an albatross around their neck. Georgia has a whole flock of them.

(via The Athens Banner-Herald)