Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tyler Bray says he's "paid to win football games," then walks it back.

Leave it to Tennessee star quarterback Tyler Bray to nonchalantly say something that could trigger yet another NCAA investigation of the Vols athletic program quicker than you can say "Lane Kiffin." In a Tuesday press conference Bray, who's lack of emotion on the field (between occasional fits of sulking and anger) sometimes makes him seem a graduate of the Jay Cutler Charm School for Young Boys, stuck his foot in his mouth while talking to a reporter.

"I'm paid to win football games," Bray told media Tuesday.

After realizing what he said, Bray quickly tried to backtrack.

"I mean… my education. That's what the SEC likes to call 'getting paid,' " Bray said.

This is why Tennessee football is going to be boring when Bray goes pro and Dooley gets the boot.

(via. Dr. Saturday, The Knoxville News Sentinel)