Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tim Tebow talks about Johnny Manziel? Of course he does.

You knew it was bound to happen. Someone asked Tim Tebow about Texas A&M starting quarterback Johnny Manziel. Tebow seems to like what he sees.

"I got to see some of the Alabama game last week. I saw a little bit of the Florida game. I've seen a little bit of him, but not too much," Tebow said when asked by Yahoo! Sports about Manziel. "From what I've seen, he's a heck of a player."

The fact that Manziel's good enough to cause His Tebowness to the brink of cussing is both notable and disturbing.

But wait, there's more.

"He's a competitor. He's a playmaker. He just finds ways to get things done. You have to tip your hat to their coaches and coordinators," Tebow said. "They have an awesome scheme and a lot of great playmakers.
"There's just something about him that you think he has a chance. I like his swag. It's fun to watch."

Tebow said "swag." That's even more disturbing. The fiasco with The Jets must be starting to get to him.

For what it's worth. Manziel is a Tebow fan, apparently. He has a Tebow quote on the cover of his Twitter account.

 It might actually be a good idea for Texas A&M head football coach try to get Tebow to mentor Manziel some. The more Sumlin does to keep his star QB out trouble the better.

(via Dr. Saturday)