Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mark Richt explains hip injury to press, uses illustrations. (VIDEO)

Georgia head football coach Mark Richt lost control of a swing 25 years ago. No, seriously. That's what he claims is the originally source of the hip pain he is currently suffering through that will possibly require hip replacement surgery sometime during the offseason. 

Richt described the incident to reporters on Wednesday following after a post-practice news conference. He provided illustrations to describe the kind of swing he was using as well.

"After Richt’s post-practice news conference Wednesday, Richt diagrammed to reporters on a whiteboard how it happened when he swung too high showing off for his wife, Katharyn, on the swing set and landed on his hip on the ground.

More recently, he felt like he pulled a hip flexor muscle doing the P90X workout and the pain didn’t go away. He kept exercising and the pain increased to where he had trouble sleeping at night.

When he played racquetball this past summer, his back and hip hurt so much, he had to stop. The pain later spread to his knee and ankle."

Here's video evidence of Richt describing the 25-year old incident.

(via The AthensBanner-Herald. Video via Radi Nabulsi on YouTube)