Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz apologizes for dropping F-bomb in press conference.

Iowa head football coach dropped an F-bomb during a press conference on Tuesday after being asked a question by an AP reporter about a former Iowa athletic department adviser  who has been accused of  sexual harassment.

"Ferentz objected to the question, “It’s been out there that you had your players cut off contact with Pete Gray.” He had a problem with the “it’s been out there” part. He stopped in mid-sentence while answering another question and said, “I’m distracted by that ‘it’s out there,’ ” he said. “I mean . . . I’ve got to apologize, but that is so bad.”

The reporter cited a Monday post from Iowa City’s KCJJ radio on its website that Ferentz and UI men’s swimming coach Marc Long cut off access between Gray and their athletes shortly before Gray was allowed to resign for personal reasons.

Ferentz said Gray had worked in the past with members of the football team, but it had been a “significant while” since he did. At this point, UI sports information director Steve Roe stopped the questioning and said Ferentz couldn’t comment.

Ferentz seemed to have issue with the vagueness of the “it’s been out there” part of the question. He wanted to know specifics and called it “a [expletive] question.” Eventually, the reporter cited KCJJ. Ferentz then said, “You sit in here every week and you ask that [expletive] question?” Ferentz immediately apologized for the language."

Ferentz has been under a lot of pressure with Iowa struggling through a 4-6 season. 

(via The Cedar Rapids Gazette)