Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alabama center Barrett Jones caught celebrtating Kansas State & Oregon losses on video.

To say that Alabama fans went crazy after the losses of Kansas State and Oregon revived the Tides hopes for returning to the BCS title game is an understatement. This video shows fans from across the Crimson Tide nation seeing the revival of the title dreams shattered by Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M, cheering wildly and...say is that Alabama center Barrett Jones giving out a big loud "Whohoohoo!" at the 1:43 mark on The Strip in Tuscaloosa?

Why yes, it is.

As for how Jones got there, he explained after Tuesday practice.

"OK, so here’s what happened. The true story. I’ll be dead honest," Jones said. "I live right beside there. Like I live within a quarter of a mile. So after it happened, everyone was just like running around the streets and everyone started running to The Strip.

 "So I was like, I mean, I’m in college, I gotta at least see what it looks like. So I just walked down there and looked around and all of the sudden there was just a mob of people and the next thing I knew, people were recognizing me and I was getting mobbed and I started high-fiving people.

"I was probably down there for 5 minutes total and I ended up on every video. It was pretty crazy."

At least the next time Jones will be celebrating losses, it will be those of Auburn and Georgia, which the Tide will actually be responsible for.