Monday, October 22, 2012

Derek Dooley threatens to bench Tyler Bray.

Tennessee star quarterback Tyler Bray did not have the best of games against Alabama next weekend. His two interceptions during the loss to the Crimson Tide were followed up by a no-show at the Vols' postgame press conference. Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley was apparently not amused by either performance. Dooley announced that he would bench Bray if the interceptions persist.

“If he’s loose with the football, he’s coming out of the game and we’re going to play Justin (Worley, Bray's backup),” Dooley said. “I told him that.”

His Hairness was also quite blunt in criticizing Bray's postgame press conference no-show, saying Bray had to "man up."

“That’s unacceptable in our program,” Dooley said. “There’s no defense for that type of behavior.”

It's obvious that with both Dooley and Bray's jobs on the line in the eyes of Tennessee fans, His Hairness obviously knows which of the two is the most expendable. 

(via The Knoxville News Sentinel)