Friday, September 21, 2012

Ohio St QB Braxton Miller has "more talent" than Tim Tebow. Because Urban Meyer said so.

Braxton Miller. Via USA Today

How does Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller compare to Buckeye head football coach Urban Meyer's most famous acolyte, Tim Tebow? Pretty well, according to Meyer.

 "Very similar guys," Meyer said. "They're both competitive human beings. They're both very talented people. Braxton has more talent. Tim is probably more of a grinder."

Meyer could be doing his expected role as Buckeye HC to pimp for his starting QB. Then again, Meyer could be finally admitting what most of the free world already knew about His Tebowness, in that his on-the-field qualities are more in his will to win than in anything remotely resembling a traditional NFL-style QB.

(via USA Today)