Friday, September 14, 2012

Missouri thanks Georgia fans in disturbing newspaper ad.

Missouri is happy to be the newest member of the SEC. Maybe a little too happy. Now considering that it spent the last fifteen years having to deal with being in the Big 12 with both Texas and Oklahoma, that might be understandable (bit that's an area for a  psychologist or social worker to provide a final diagnosis on). That still doesn't explain this ad Mizzou fans put in a Georgia student newspaper.

Okay, this is awkward. Stage Five Clinger awkward.

Missouri wants to make a good impression to its new SEC neighbors, that's understandable. But this fits in the "it's trying too hard" category. Usually a relationship that starts out like this ends up with somebody's car getting set on fire after a messy breakup. Let's all hope Mizzou comes to it's senses, and learns to enjoy and embrace the SEC hate.

(via Dr. Saturday)