Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tyler Bray breaks silence on bottle throwing debacle.

Bray at practice on Friday.
Tennessee star quarterback Tyler Bray broke his silence about that little beer bottle throwing incident on Friday.

"I've just got to make smarter decisions," he said. "I thought I made some strides in being a team leader, and then I made some steps back in having that incident. But I'm trying to move forward and get to the football season."

Knoxville police said Thursday that Bray would not face charges in connection with two vandalism incidents at the Landings Riverfront Apartments.

Bray agreed to pay for damages to a vehicle that was pelted by beer bottles and golf balls. A second individual who believed her car was damaged in retaliation for reporting the original vandalism declined to pursue the matter after the apartment complex said it would cover her costs."

Bray said he had already been disciplined over the incident by  Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley, but refused to say what the punishment was.

(via The Knoxville News Sentinel)