Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arkansas-branded Pop-Tarts exist, but do not taste like bacon.

From the "shocked, but not really" department comes news that Kellog's is coming out with  NCAA-themed Pop-Tarts. Schools involved include Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Florida, which will have their school logo or icon printed directly on the Pop Tart's icing.

From the looks of the Pop-Tart boxes, it looks like all the Pop-Tarts will be of the same strawberry flavor, albeit re-branded with college-themed named like "Razorback Red"for Arkansas, or "Go Blue Strawberry" for Michigan.  That means those with hopes for a Arkansas-branded bacon-flavored Pop-Tart are bound to be disappointed. And trust me, there are people who would go nuts over a bacon-flavored Pop-Tart.

Which brings up the lack of imagination of these one-flavored NCAA-themed Pop-Tarts. Kellog's seems to have taken the cheap and easy route of not coming up with any special flavors for the pasteries, or even matching teams to flavors that would make sense. "Go Blue" Strawberry? Does Kellog's really believe any true Michigan Man is going to eat a Michigan Pop-Tart that look has a filling the color of the accursed Ohio State? Look, they could have least used an blue dye in the filling to make "Go Blue Strawberry" actually make sense. (Apparently, actual genetically modified Blue Strawberries are still in the developing stages.)

How about peach-flavored Georgia Pop-Tarts? Or peanut butter-flavored UGA Pop-Tarts, even? Or UNC blueberry Pop-Tarts? Kellog's took an awesome thing and turned it into an epic fail. Which makes the decision to include Georgia Pop-Tarts more ironic.

(via Down and Distance)