Friday, July 27, 2012

Michigan St. head coach Mark Dantonio is not amused with talk of Michigan as Legends' Division favorite.

What does Michigan head football coach Mark Dantonio think about the talk about in-state rival Michigan being the favorite to win the Big Ten Legends Division? Not much.

"Well, why do you guys bring that up on me?" Dantonio said. "I would just say they've been favored pretty much the last four years. ... They do an outstanding job there. But it only matters: Are they favored or not in the locker room? And in our locker room, they won't be favored. So we'll start with that."

It's not clear whether he was talking about U-M being "favored" in the preseason or in the game vs. MSU or in general."

Dantonio may feel cocky with the Spartans holding a four-game winning streak against the Wolverines. But going into the season without former quarterback Kirk Cousins, this year's game is going to be a little tougher than he thinks. Then again, "Don't bet against The Dantonio" has become as much of a maxim in SWRT land as "Don't bet against The Izzo" has in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, so don't count Sparty out too soon.

(via The Detroit Free Press)