Thursday, July 19, 2012

Company that flew anti-Paterno banner over Penn St. also flew anti-Tiger Woods banner over 2010 Masters.

It seems that the company that owns the plane that flew a banner over Penn State demanding the removal of Joe Paterno's statue has been involved in that kind of thing before. ESPN reports that Air America Aerial Ads, the plane's owner was also involved with an anti-Tiger Woods banner that flew over Augusta National during the 2010 Masters tournament.

"The plane is licensed to Air America Aerial Ads of Genoa, Ohio. A person who answered the phone at Air America declined to give his name or identify who paid for the flight.

Federal Aviation Administration records show the agency grounded a plane from the same company after it towed banners taunting Tiger Woods during the 2010 Masters golf tournament."

This puts the situation in a different light. This person or persons involved with this banner may not be as concerned with the Jerry Sandusky scandal as much as it is just part of a greater attempt to express contempt for the moral state of sports in general. Which in the end is more crass trolling than actual concern.

(via ESPN)