Thursday, July 19, 2012

Barrett Jones says Nick Saban would be "best shoe shiner you've ever met."

To say that Alabama center Barrett Jones thinks highly of his coach, Nick Saban, would be an understatement. He even thinks that Saban would succeed at anything he did. That includes being a humble shoe shine boy.

"Knowing Coach Saban the way I know him, I think he would succeed at anything he did, whether that was working at a gas station, whether he was a CEO. If he was a shoe shiner, he'd be the best shoe shiner you've ever met. he's an innovator and kind of a pioneer of the game. I'm so honored and privileged to play for a guy like that."

I bet if Saban were a shoe shine boy, he wouldn't even need a ring to hold his secret Underdog pill in it. I'm sure many ladies in Alabama would love to have Saban play Tom Hanks' role as the naughty boot-black in their very own SNL "Tales of Ribaldry" sketch as well.