Sunday, July 22, 2012

Army vet gets ready to become Clemson walk-on by training in a protective mask.

Your Ricky Stanzi "America, Love it or Leave it" Moment of the Day.

Daniel Rodriguez. (via Throw the Flag)

Think your CrossFit is tough? Daniel Rodriguez would probably disagree. This former Army combat veteran,  who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan (where he was awarded both the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart) recently earned a place on the Clemson football team. He's getting ready for the fall running the stadium bleachers of Death Valley wearing a protective mask. Yeah, he's motivated.

It was Rodriguez's dream to play college football after being discharged from the Army, and he'll be getting his chance this fall. He's also gotten offers from Hollywood to tell his story on the big screen, but those will have to wait until his playing days at Clemson are over.

It's stories like this that remind us of the good things about college football when the darker side rears it's ugly head. 

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