Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alabama pokes fun at how many football trophies it has.

The University of Alabama is proud of it's college football history. With it's fifty-six fourteen "national championships," who could blame them? Add to it the various SEC titles, bowl victory trophies, and Heisman Trophies, 'Bama has trophies up the yin-yang.  The school has its very own Paul W. Bryant Museum (named after The Bear, of course) to show off it's history and it's 102 14 "national titles." And even there, it seems to have a little trouble finding room for them all. In this YouTube video, the museum enlists the aid of Alabama men's basketball uber-fan Jack "The Face" Blankenship to poke some fun with the number of trophies it has, along with that little incident earlier this year where the most recent BCS championship trophy met an untimely end,