Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's hats off for Todd Graham at Arizona State.

How tight of a ship is first-year head coach Todd Graham running out at his new Arizona State stomping grounds? Pretty darn tight it seems. Not only have Wildcats players been forced to ditch their "civilian" gym clothes for  mandatory team workout gear comprising "black shorts, white socks and gray T-shirts" in the weight room Graham has some pretty strict rules when it comes to headgear. Witness this interaction between Graham and Arizona quarterback Bercovici. 

"Quarterback Mike Bercovici popped by to say hi, his cap tucked in the back of his pants, a nod to the coach's rule of no hats, earrings and headphones in the Carson Student-Athlete Center.

Bercovici smiled and immediately apologized to Graham for his-out-of-control 'do.

"I thought you were going to give me crap about my hair. I'm getting a haircut," Bercovici said.

"Geez, almighty," Graham said.

The coach insists players have been respectful of his rules because they know he has their best interests at heart.

Practices reflect Graham's high expectations, too. Players keep their helmets on at all times. They sprint to their spots in formations and hustle onto the field and while leaving the field. There is intensity but minimal profanity."

Bervovici should probably be happy that Graham hasn't gone so far as requiring the team to have mandatory crewcuts, though there might be an NCAA regulation or two barring him from doing so.

(via The Arizona Republic)

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