Friday, June 29, 2012

ASU coach Todd Graham's war on player individuality continues.

ASU Coach Todd Graham thinks you're a slacker.
It looks like first-year Arizona State drill sergeant head football coach Todd Graham's looking to kick his plans to improve team unity and discipline up another notch. This pretty much includes stripping away any sign of player individuality that NCAA rules will let him get away with.

Previously, he's banned Sun Devil players from wearing anything other than team-approved "black shorts, white socks and gray T-shirts"in the weight room. This goes along with a ban on hats, earrings and headphones in the ASU's Carson Student-Athlete Center.

Now it looks as Graham is looking to strip the team of even more signs of individuality on Game Day Saturdays, as the school is working on tweaking the Game Day experience for home games. Graham's latest idea is to have players dress alike for the pregame walk to Sun Devil Stadium.

"ASU's traditional pregame walk into the stadium will go through Wells Fargo Arena, where students and fans can escape the heat before kick-off. The band will play. Players will carry miniature footballs they can hand out to children. The team likely will be dressed the same. Graham's threads of choice: Gold blazers." 

Not that there's anything wrong with this. ASU was accused of letting discipline slack on and off the field during the tenure of former Sun Devil coach Dennis Erickson. So, it's a pretty strong sign that Graham and the school don't want to see that happen again.

Just a suggestion to any ASU players reading this: just plan to make a trip to the barber shop before pre-season training camp starts and get a buzzcut, the shorter the better. Just go ahead and tell the barber to use a number one guard. That's where things look like they're going for you right now. Coach Graham will probably still think you're hair's too long, though.

(via The Arizona Republic)

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