Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Todd Graham may let Arizona State students pick out football team uniforms.

From the "what could possibly go wrong?" department comes word from The State Press that first-year Arizona State head football coach Todd Graham has gotten the brilliant idea of letting ASU students pick what uniforms the Sun Devils will wear on the field.

SP: The athletic department has mentioned that they are looking into having the students pick the uniforms. Was that your idea and how would that work?

TG: I actually got it from one of our deans, the dean of engineering. What I wanted to do was have their input if they want to blackout, wear all maroon or go traditional with the maroon and gold pants. Even on the road (I’d like to) get the students involved in the selection process.

SP: How many games would this be for?

TG: I think they’re trying to do it for several games, I’m not sure. We’ve got to work with Nike because Nike is going to be involved in that as well. What I’d say is if it’s going to be a blackout, you have flags all over campus, you raise the flags and everybody knows it’s going to be a blackout, that’s what we’re doing. Maroon, everyone is wearing maroon so we’re all sequenced according to what we’re doing.

Obviously, Uncle Phil's Misguided Children are going to have more than a little to say about how this is going to work at Arizona State. Neither ASU or Nike are going to let things get too out of hand here. College students are certainly capable of making smart decisions when it comes to fashion. On the other hand, there are still a considerable number of college students who haven't quite figured concepts like color coordination yet. So be afraid, Sun Devil fans. Be very afraid.

(via The State Press)

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