Monday, May 21, 2012

New Arkansas unis are more of the same.

Nikeblog gave a glimpse last week on what are reportedly new uniforms for Arkansas for the 2012 season. I suppose after going through the three-ring circus of Petrinopalooza, you'd probably need a change of clothes too. Luckily, Uncle Phil''s Misguided Children at Nike are more than willing to oblige any fashion makeover the program would want.

The aren't that many surprises with the new unis. There's the standard home and away jerseys, along with the obligatory black alternate jersey, accompanied with white, cardinal and black pants. It's probably safe to assume there could be some mixing and matching of the jerseys and pants during the season.

The most noticeable deviations from the norm include an all-white helmet, a crimson helmet with what appears to be a matte finish, and numbers with fading at the bottom.

And yes, that black jersey is black, ableit a possible  anthracite black. It only looks blue in the picture. Mind you, an alternate blue uni would be something a little different from the almost now-cliche black unis. Of course Razorback traditionalists would probably get their boxers in a bunch if the team actually did wear blue jerseys or pants in a game. But at least it would be different.

(via Nikeblog)


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