Sunday, April 8, 2012

Welcome to the Fallout: Petrino-palooza continues, Nebraska's "brand", and a "Dadgum! Roo.".

(Welcome to the Fallout is the SWRT off-season weekend wrap-up of college football related news.)

Before I get in to the nastiness of Petrio-palooza and other general snarkiness, I want to wish you all a Happy Easter, and hope you remember the real reason why we celebrate it.

Petrino-palooza. Or "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends..."

No Easy Way Out.
Arkansas is in quite a spot when it concerns Petrino's future as the Razorback's head football coach.
(The Daily News-Journal)

Bobby Petrino should be fired.
Because Thayer Evans said so. (FOX Sports)

The Argument for  Petrino.
In one word: money. (College Football Talk)

Petrino can't handle power very well. 
Because Gene Frenette said so. (The Florida Times-Union)

Amateur hour. 
Taylor King trots out the "Petrinogate" humor. The term "humor" being quite subjective, of course. (

Instant Karma's gonna get you...
Kentucky fans are mocking Petrino (who embarrassed the Wildcats as Louisville HC) and his recent bout with "karma." Bookmark this one for when the John Calipari karma train wrecks in Lexington. (The Lexington Herald-Leader)

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

The news that Nebraska might trot out an alternate uniform in 2012 results in a discussion of the declining reach of the Cornhusker "brand" across the country, and what can be done to restore it. (The Omaha World-Herald)

Never Going Back Again. 
Alabama is looking to avoid a repeat of the 2010 season, where the Tide followed up a BCS championship season with a "disappointing" 10-3 season. (The Pensacola News Journal)

Getting a head start. 
More Georgia recruits are opting for early enrollment so they can get a head start in the fall. (The Athens-Banner Herald)

Here, There, and Everywhere. 
Notre Dame may use tight end Tyler Eifert at more than one position in the 2012 season. (The Chicago Tribune)

Still too close to call.
Florida quarterbacks Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel are still running neck-and-neck when it comes to winning the starting QB position for the 2012 season. (The Orlando Sentinel)

Back to the Future.
Former WAC rivals Boise State and Utah State will meet in a two-year home-at-home series in 2014 & 2015. (ESPN)

When It All Goes South.
Akron is embracing the Southern styles of new head football coach Tetty Bowden with a ""Fear the Dadgum! Roo" t-shirt. (Dr. Saturday)

The End of an Era.
Marchinfornication 2012 reaches it's long-awaited conclusion as the "bWo" (basketBall World order) fights "The Four Horsemen of Kirk Ferentz" in a battle that has got to be better than what happened at Wrestlemania 28 last weekend.  The fate of the world (or at least the delusional world of the Iowa athletic program) is in your hands. (Black Heart Gold Pants)

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