Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Texas A&M thinks North Carolina is SEC territory.

From the "Shirts Without Random Triangles" department  comes this Texas A&M t-shirt heralding it's new home in the SEC.  The Aggies may be new to the conference, but that still doesn't excuse their noticeable ignorance of the SEC geographical reach.

Somehow, somebody in Aggieland got the idea that North Carolina was SEC territory. This is not the most bizarre thought ever to come out of College Station (of which there are too many to count at the moment without a useful link like this one to speed things up), but it is the one that really sets Texas A&M back as an educational powerhouse. Heck, even Auburn couldn't get this one wrong.

By the way, Texas A&M, where's the state of you fellow Big 12 refugee, Missouri. Double Epic Fail. 

And before you ask, the Aggies' put their beloved home on the range of Texas on the back of the shirt, where it belongs.

We can only hope that Texas football is better than Texas geography.

(via Throw the Flag)

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