Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Producer of Texas A&M t-shirt that added North Carolina to the SEC apologizes for mistake.

The producer of the Texas A&M t-shirt that mistakenly added North Carolina to a map of pre-expansion SEC member school states has apologized for the mistake. A representative of Aggieland Outfitters  posted the following  message at

Howdy Ags – This is Aggieland Outfitters. We have a sponsor username for, but I didn’t want to offend our friends at CC Creations who sponsor this board, so I thought I’d repost this under a new personal account to follow the guidelines of
All I can is that we messed up on this shirt.

The original design was meant to have the old SEC states with Texas on the back as an addition to the conference. Somewhere from sketch to finished product North Carolina got added. Sometimes mistakes happen and we just plain missed it.

Funny enough, the SEC licensed the shirt and didn’t notice it either, so maybe they know something that we don’t know about expansion in North Carolina?

Hopefully we didn’t totally ruin anyone’s day with this. We’ve got lots of great SEC merchandise coming out, and we’ll make sure that the maps are correct next time!

Aggieland Outfitters

The company elaborated further on the incident on its Facebook page.

"The t-shirt was originally designed to reflect the SEC states before expansion on the front, and then refer to the addition of a “Texas style of football” on the back. The original sketch did not have North Carolina on it, but when an artist drew the map, it was added by mistake.

Texas and Missouri were never part of the design, as it was supposed to be a nod to the original 12 members of the SEC.
The shirts have been pulled from the stores and website, and we’ve addressed the issue internally. We have also put several measures into place to make sure that this sort of error does not happen again.

While it was a simple error, our biggest concern is that Texas A&M is associated with it, and that was never our intention. We strive to be the No. 1 retailer of Texas A&M merchandise, and will continue to design and sell the best possible selection for Aggies and A&M fans everywhere."

I could nitpick here that South Carolina and Arkansas were not "original" members of the SEC, but I won't. 

Of course in apologizing for the error,  Aggie Outfitters threw the SEC under the bus in missing the mistake as well. Then again, someone in the licensing department in Birmingham might have caught the error and let it pass just to cause much massive schadenfreude in  College Station, but I'll save that conspiracy for Paul Finebaum (or George Noory) to investigate.

(via Saturday Down South)

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