Monday, April 16, 2012

Petrino scandal beauty queen Alison Melder lied about Miss Bikini USA title.

Oh, hello there!
It seems that there's more in common with disgraces ex-Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino and his text-messing acquaintance Alison Melder - They're both liars.

Larry Brown Sports reported over the weekend  that Melder was embellishing her resume a little bit when she claimed that she had won the title of Miss Bikini USA 2008. An official with the Miss Bikini pageant now says that she was never even a participant in the event.

“I personally did the Arkansas event in August of ’08 and she WAS NOT there at all. ALL models that win MUST work with me and this girl did not. The winner from Arkansas in ’08 was a girl named Shirley and the over-all winner for Miss Bikini USA 2008 was Gia Allemand that went on to be on “The Bachelor,” he said in his email.

A quick look at the Bikini-USA website shows 16 women who received honors in connection with Miss Bikini USA 2008, none of whom are Alison Melder. They were so miffed with the false connection, they even wrote a long post on their website about the subject."

The official also suggested that Melder may have also lied about her other title of Miss Motorcycle Mania 2008.  He may have a point, since a quick Google-search couldn't even locate a Miss Motorcycle Mania contest. And surely, if it can't be found by Google, it shouldn't exist, right? Maybe Miss Melder would have been a better text-buddy with Central Florida HC George O'Leary, who also has a history of resume-enhancement.

(via Larry Brown Sports)

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