Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nick Saban's motorcycle emptiness.

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban was asked about the recent motorcycle accident involving Arkansas HC Bobby Petrino during a Wednesday press conference. He proceeded to tell a story from his youth on involving a friend's motorcycle.

"I love motorcycles," Saban said after Wednesday's practice." I loved motorcycles when I was a kid. I was not allowed to ride a motorcycle when I was a kid."
He then launched into a story. ...

"My best friend Charlie Anderson had a Triumph, and I mean that thing was hot," Saban said. "Where my dad's service station was, there was a long straightaway, and they used to race.

"Every time no one was looking, I'd get on Charlie's Triumph. I took it to my girlfriend's house, and she lived on the side of the mountain, and there was a curve, and the water was running across the street, and a dog was chasing me down the street."

He hit water on the curve and slid out.

"I didn't get hurt, didn't hurt the bike, just slid out," Saban said.

"My dad found out about that, and that's the last time I've been on a motorcycle."

"I wish Bobby well," he said. "I hope there's nothing serious there. I haven't heard a lot about it."

Saban did mention that he does get his adrenaline rush from water sking, and that Alabama does not have a motorcycle policy for its players.

(via And yes, that's a Manic Street Preachers' reference in the title. Thanks for asking.)

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