Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is comparing Urban Meyer with Jim Tressel a good thing or a bad thing?

Former Ohio State defensive back William White (1984-1987) was asked to compare new Buckeye head football coach to disgraced former Buckeye HC Jim Tressel. White has some direct connections with Meyer, as Meyer was an graduate assistant coach roaming the sidelines of the Horseshoe during White's playing days.

"Asked what the differences between Meyer and the highly successful 10-year run of Jim Tressel at OSU are, he said, "It’s change but it’s not. It’s still football. But the thing they have now is there is a lot more competition going on. Nobody’s job is secure since there is a new coach. The mindset is just a little different.

"Coach Tressel, I call him a CEO coach. He is not a motivator that is going to get in your face. But he’s going to talk to you logically and you’re going to be like, ‘We can win this game.’ But it’s not done with a lot of flash and fanfare and people wanting to jump off the roof.

"With Urban, things make sense but there’s going to be a lot of intensity," he said. "After the year we just had, I think it (hiring Meyer) probably was the best move we could have made."

Whether or not it's the right time to be comparing Meyer to Tressel is always going to be up in the air. Especially as Meyer's own personal baggage from his days as Florida HC has come under the microscope recently. The comparisons are bound to happen, but the timing and reasoning behind doing so is always going to be somewhat awkward for Ohio State.

(via The Lima News. HT: Eleven Warriors)

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Anonymous said...

I hope Meyer is successful and stays healthy. Tressel was an outstanding coach, maybe even better than Woody. There will be comparisons, there always is at Ohio State. It is healthy and keeps everyone working hard and the fans interested.