Monday, April 30, 2012

FSU goes after the "Brony" crowd with new horse mascot.

It looks like FSU is trying to reach out to the "Brony" crowd. (You know, the male fans of My Little Pony? Trust me, you don't want to know.) Meet Cimarron, Chief Osceola's special friend and right-hand man, who is the spanking new FSU mascot. Well, maybe not so spanking new, as FSU claims that the horsey was used back in the day,  that's being revived.He'll be doing all the dirty work of appearing at special events so the Chief can focus on his traditional role of throwing the spear at football games.

From the FSU press release introducing Cimarron.

"Under the supervision of FSU's cheer and spirit groups, Cimarron will make appearances at many Florida State athletic events and functions.

In addition, the character will make public appearances and will be available for functions at area schools and service projects. Cimarron will also serve as the mascot of the Florida State University Kid's Club. Fans can find officially licensed products bearing Cimarron's likeness at retailers soon.

"Osceola and Renegade are revered and honored symbols of Florida State athletics as has been recognized by their recent selection as the best tradition in all of college football," said FSU Assistant Athletic Director of Marketing and Promotions Jason Dennard. "We treat our symbol with great honor and respect and they appear only at football games, Homecoming and Fan Day. Cimarron has been revived to give a promotional presence at other designated events.

"It also allows us to participate in some opportunities that were not appropriate for the distinguished symbol of Osceola and Renegade.        

Translation: It's being done for the money. FSU probably couldn't get away with a Chief Osceloa plush toy, so they're going to use a horse instead. Mind you a Chief Osceloa action figure would awesome to place next to the old Starting Lineup action figures, but it just isn't going to happen due to bowing down to the politically correct Taliban. Horsy toys, well that's permissible. Though apparently Renegade isn't good enough to turn into a plush toy.

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