Sunday, March 25, 2012

School board in Alabama rejects naming high school after Nick Saban.

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban may have gotten a lot of honors in the Yellowhammer state since he began leading the Crimson Tide to two BCS titles and a return to national relevance. That includes his own statue on the University of Alabama campus, of course. However, that's apparently not enough for the Montgomery Public School board, which turned down an opportunity to name a new school after him. It chose to name the school the more generic-sounding New Park High School instead.

So why did Montgomery Public Schools diss Saban? Blame Auburn, which is just 55 miles from the city.

 "Montgomery Public Schools spokesman Tom Salter, who was on the naming committee, said he certainly learned a lot during the process. But when grilled about the potential of a Saban High, he chose his words carefully.

“As big as an Alabama fan as I am, it would likely not be an appropriate choice, especially this close to the Plains,” he said.

Salter playfully declined comment when asked to speculate why there were no submission for Auburn University football coach Gene Chizik."

Just for the record, the distance between Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, by the way, is 106 miles. And yes, there is a high school named after Bear Bryant in Cottondale, Al. Thanks for asking.

Saban should feel better in knowing that the school board also rejected naming the high school after President Barack Obama. They probably won't be commiserating over the snub the next time the Crimson Tide visits the Rose Garden, though.

(via The Montgomery Advertiser)

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