Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ron Zook talks about inspiring FireRonZook.com.

Ron Zook has two major dubious achievements in college football history, other than his recent stint as illinois head football coach. One is his stint as Florida HC between the eras of Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer. The other is that his hiring as Florida HC inspired the-first-of-it's-kind website FireRonZook.com.

The latter "achievement" hasn't escaped the mind of Zook.

After his first year on the job, a former boss — Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher — came to visit him in Gainesville. As he sat in Zook's office, Cowher said, "Zooker, you've really screwed up this profession. Now they've got a FireBillCowher.com up in Pittsburgh."
Zook just shakes his head.

"That's my legacy to the profession," he says. "I'm the first guy who had a FireTheCoach.com website. I had no chance. From the day I walked into the introductory press conference, I was fired."

There are more notorious things a college football coach could be connected to. Phil Fulmer's got the Fulmer Cup named in his honor, you know.

(via SB*Nation. HT: EDSBS)

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