Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ACC looking to add UConn and Notre Dame as members?

Just when you thought expansion silliness season was over, along comes one more slobberknocker of  a rumor. This one involving a potential 16-member ACC, with UConn and Notre Dame.

"UConn, with multiple championships in men's and women's basketball, and its football, soccer and baseball programs on the rise, is the biggest brand name left and might look more at home in a conference such as the ACC as opposed to the new Big East. Sources told The Courant recently that the ACC has a 16-team model in place with its first choices being Notre Dame and UConn, but with Notre Dame maintaining its independent position there is no rush to go to 16. If the ACC can't convince Notre Dame, Rutgers could get the call with UConn, but sources say there is no rush there, either."

Notre Dame is on a lot of conferences' wish list. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany would sacrifice 100 virgin Big Ten coeds to Cthulhu if he could get Notre Dame to join the conference. The Big 12 would  offer sacrifices to Ball to land Notre Dame, but the ritual involves a bull and Texas won't allow Bevo to be ritually slaughtered for the ceremony. The SEC's plan to sacrifice a virgin in a voodoo ceremony to land the Fighting Irish was put on hold when Tim Tebow graduated.

That bit of silliness aside, the ACC probably have a better chance to go with Plan B and Rutgers if it actually wants to expand. That or it could just do the inevitable and consume the Big East whole. Those scenarios are more likely than Notre Dame giving up its precious independence to slum with the "lesser powers" of the ACC.  

(via The Hartford Currant)

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