Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kirk Herbstreit shares his views on the BCS (and his package) with America.

Dude, put some pants on.
Kirk Herbstreit is definitely comfortable in his own skin. Comfortable enough in fact to share two things with America. One is his package, which he does in those Dove Men + Care commercials.  The other is his ideas on what changes should be made to the BCS, which he shared in a conference call with the media.

"I was pretty vocal on the BCS selection show when I learned Virginia Tech was going ahead of teams like Kansas State and Boise State," Herbstreit said. "Obviously, something needs to be tweaked. You can't really fault the Sugar Bowl for its logic ... That's the system we have currently.

"There are so many tweaks that I would personally put in .¤.¤. The first would be to do away with the actual formula itself."

Herbstreit said he'd do away with all of it -- coaches' poll, Harris poll, computers.

"You put a little selection committee together the way we do with March Madness," Herbstreit said, adding it should be made up of former coaches, athletics directors and "people who love college football. Put them in a room, pizza and five big TVs, watch games all day. When they're done watching games, they put together their thoughts and they give their top 25."

There needs to be some criteria, he said, such as a top-10 finish, to get in a BCS bowl.

"You've got to figure out a way to alleviate the (financial) pressure that's on these bowl games," Herbstreit said, saying he'd budget money for BCS bowls to offset a selection that might not travel well.
As for the championship itself, Herbstreit said, "We have to have a seeded plus-one at the end. We have a chance for four teams at the end of the year to play it out and have a chance to eventually get into a true national championship matchup."

That doesn't quite mean that Herbie is blasting Virginia Tech per se for going to the Sugar Bowl, though.

"Nobody's a bigger fan of Virginia Tech and Frank Beamer and his staff, and nobody's closer to those guys than I am.

"With that being said, ... they got into the bowl game. Obviously something needs to be tweaked. ... That's the debate there - not about Virginia Tech but the system."

That's nice to know Herbie. Now go out and get yourself a bigger pair of shorts that don't show off your virility too much. Dude, we've seen your four kids. You don't have to prove anything to us. Just be sure that they don't show off your skivvies when you sit down again with America.

(via The Birmingham News, The Roanoke Times)

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