Friday, January 27, 2012

Gerogia Tech to prospect visiting Miami: Don't go there!

Georgia Tech head football coach Paul Johnson has a little bit of thin-skinnedness when it comes to recruiting. He's been known in the past to rescind a scholarship offer to a prospect if he visited another school. Now, high school defensive back Antonio Crawford, who is committed to the Yellow Jackets, is planning a visit to Miami and Hurricane head football coach Al Golden. And once again, Johnson is on the warpath, and threatening to pull GT's scholarship offer to Crawford.

"Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson heard about Miami’s flirtations and had a 20-minute phone conversation with Crawford on Thursday. Crawford said his Georgia Tech scholarship will be jeopardized if he boards the plane to Miami on Friday.

“Coach Johnson basically said ‘If you’re looking around, then we’re looking around,’” Crawford said. “He said if I take my visit to Miami, they are bringing in a guy at Georgia Tech this weekend for a visit. If that guy commits, then he takes my spot.”

Is Crawford willing to take the risk? “I’m still visiting the University of Miami this weekend,” he said."

Johnson's attitude toward prospects shopping around comes off as being massively short-sighted. This is especially true considering that Georgia Tech is hardly what anyone would call an "elite" program. A simple reminder to Crawford that Miami is facing down the NCAA banhammer due to the Nevin Shapiro scandal should have been enough.  Threatening to pull a prospect's scholarship offer certainly won't win Johnson any brownie points in the Peach State, where most hated rival Georgia and head football coach Mark Richt has a little more sensible view when it comes to prospects shopping around.

(via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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