Saturday, January 7, 2012

Game Day Goulash: Bill O'Brien, Brad Wing, Craig James, and more.

  (Game Day Goulash is SWRT's  all-encompassing Game Day college football extravaganza.

Our long national nightmare is over. 
Penn State finally finds a new head football coach in New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien. (ESPN)

They're just not that into you.
How are former Nittany Lion players taking Penn State's hire of Bill O'Brien? Not too well. (Dr. Saturday)

"We Bought a Zook."
An EDSBS parody about Penn State notable if only for being one of the few times you'll actually see the word "Zook" used in an EDSBS feature. (Mind you it's Doug Gillet's doing and not Spencer Hall's, so take that for what it's worth.) (EDSBS)

Hey, there was a bowl game last night.
Arkansas defeats Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl 29-16.  (ESPN)

Paint Me a Birmingham.
SMU and Pittsburgh face off in Birmingham's BBVA Compass Bowl. (ESPN)

Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again.
Arkansas State meets Northern Illinois in the Bowl. Yeah, I'm excited too. (ESPN)

Where women glow and men plunder. 
LSU punter Brad Wing's success is helping popularize college football in his native Australia. (ESPN)

Pease, Pease, Pease, Let Me Get What I Want.
Florida is looking at Boise State offensive coordinator Brent Pease to replace the recently departed Gator OC Charlie Weis. (The Gainesville Sun)

Wanna buy a Duck helmet? 
One of those shiny happy Oregon football helmets is up for sale on e-Bay. Quick, call the NCAA compliance committee. (Lost Lettermen)

Gone Sparty Gone. 
Michigan State running back Edwin Baker is leaving school to enter the 2012 NFL Draft. (The Detroit Free Press)

Gone Sparky Gone.
Arizona State quarterback Brock Osweiler will forgo his senior year to enter the 2012 NFL Draft. (The Arizona Republic)

Let's Stay Together. 
Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity doesn't expect any coaching changes among Mark Richt's staff. This should annoy the anti-Mike Bobo contingent of the Bulldog Nation to no end. (The Macon Telegraph)

Red letter day. 
Former ESPN analyst and current candidate for the Texas' seat in the US Senate Craig James finally admits the nasty little internet meme about him exists. (Throw the Flag)

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